Thursday, December 22, 2016

New blood: Day By Day (Florida, USA)

I guess technically they can't be called 'new blood' as they've been around for a few years already, but fuck it... My blog, my rules...  I caught Day By Day from Florida earlier this year on their European tour, supporting Higher Power from the UK (who btw are seriously great, if yer into all of Leeway's albums you will love them!)... And they rocked, hard. Despite being from Florida, the band has a sound that has a rough, unpolished edge to it and at times brings to mind some of the more groovy NYHC bands of the early 90s, combined with some raspy vocals that gives their sound a bit of an edge. Day By Day just does their own thing, regardless of what is popular or hip, also on stage. I loved their stage presence, very energetic with a down to earth but fun vibe, no tough guy bullshit. Another band that reminded me once again that hardcore ain't about being the most original/crazy/unique/hardest band, it's about being real and doing what you love. Fuck trends. Long live Day By Day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New blood: Surrounded By Sins (France)

When it comes to metallic and dark hardcore, France has a long & rich history. I've written before about my love for A Way Of Life, one of the bands from the infamous KDS crew scene out of Rennes. And of course there's Kickback, the almighty Kickback. Not for the faint of heart, they were d-a-r-k and in many ways were pioneers of not just the French metallic hardcore scene, but Europe's. They have also inspired countless bands, also in France. Including two faves, Cowards (who are not exactly 'new', but please do check them out) and Surrounded By Sins.

Hailing from Le Havre & Rouen, Surrounded By Sins have been playing for a couple of years but are still fairly unknown outside of France. They did an awesome demo back in 2014, and have just released their first record, the 'Hope Is Raped' 12" on Terrain Vague Records... Which features what is probably my fave song of 2016, 'Grain'. I cannot tell you how psyched that song makes me. But the entire 12" is bloody awesome... It's just too damn short with only 5 songs (and an intro)... This 6-man band has 2 singers who both destroy their vocal chords over crazy and vicious metallic hardcore/grind that at times reminds not only of (later) Kickback but also bands like Rise & Fall, Cursed and such... Really impressive stuff. Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch this band live some time. In any case, don't sleep on this band!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

New Blood: Revolve (Glasgow, UK)

I will be out of the country for most of December, but I don't want to drop the ball on OnexPath. So I have scheduled a few posts on a couple of new(er) bands that have caught my ear this year. December will be New Blood month! First up...

Anybody who's been following the previous New Blood posts knows I love the current wave of UKHC bands. Here's another UK band that really impressed me this year, Revolve from Glasgow... They released their first demo called 'Death Spares No One' in late 2015, and it offers a perfect blend of modern metallic hardcore, with a dash of 90s hardcore and a big splash of early 00s metalcore... At times I'm reminded of bands from the old Tribunal Records roster, like a more straight-forward Nientara. Really good shit, that had me scrambling to get my hands on a copy of their demo and a t-shirt, hah... Yes, I'm well into my 40s and I still wear nothing but hardcore t-shirts. Anyways, Revolve bring the mosh with some creative riffing (without veering into overly technical masturbation territories), just check out 'Second Side' from their 2015 demo. That track is pure OnexPath perfection, awesome riffs, tempo changes and totally worthy of some dancefloor justice. The band released a new track, 'Withered', this past summer and it simply shreds. Hopefully this band sticks around and gets the chance to do a proper record. Check em out...

Saturday, November 26, 2016

One 4 One - In Search Of CD

One 4 One is not exactly a new name for this blog, I've already posted about this NJHC band several times, here, here and here. So check out those posts for more information on One 4 One. Anyways, recently someone DM'd me on Instagram about One 4 One's 'In Search Of' album, asking me if I have it. And I do... So, here's another One 4 One post, hah...

The 'In Search Of' CD was released in 1996 on Rick Ta Life's Back Ta Basics label, and has new songs as well as re-recordings of songs taken from their demo's and the 'I Won't Lose' 7", and an Agnostic Front cover ('Discriminate Me'). Their 'I Won't Lose' 7" was my introduction to the band, and they re-recorded my fave track of that 7", and one of my fave One 4 One songs overall, 'What Went Wrong'. Still love that song. And this band, hah! Anyways, I'll keep it short, if you want to read some more of my thoughts on this band, check out the older posts linked above. Enjoy!

One 4 One - In Search Of CD

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Reserving Dirtnaps - Part II

A few years I did a post on Reserving Dirtnaps, great heavy and tough hardcore from Memphis, TN. Their singer Brandon contacted me recently to inform me about their new EP called 'Part II' which is about to drop. He sent me the new EP to check out, and f*ck me, it's awesome, in fact this might just be the hardest EP of 2016.

This is 100% beatdown, holy sh*t. It's an all out wall of crushing and pummeling hardcore that is about as heavy as anything out there. Where a lot of beatdown bands nowadays seem to focus only on the slow-as-molasses beatdown parts, Reserving Dirtnaps go for the more 'old school' beatdown approach, keeping it hard, heavy and angry from start to finish. This seriously feels like you are being physically pummeled into submission by the music and Brandon's gruff vocals. It's hard, really really hard. Compared to their first EP they have tightened up their sound even more, this EP sounds focused and trimmed of excess. And even when they incorporate some different elements, like the grind/blast guitars in the middle of 'Disposed To Remain', it's there for a reason. A 6 song, 15 minute burst of anger, hate and violence, of Memphis Style Hardcore. If you enjoyed their old EP (which was recently re-released on tape), you will love this new EP. I still stand by my previous comparisons, if you enjoy bands like No Retreat or Lifeless NJ (who I actually just saw again last night, hah) but also bands like Steel Nation, you need to check out Reserving Dirtnaps, you're bound to want to do some spinkicks.

I can't offer you guys a link just yet, but a preview will be posted on in a few days, and I'm sure it will get added to RD's bandcamp later on... Just trust me on this one, it's awesome. Fave track: Total War.

Pre-orders for the 'Part II' CDEP start on Tuesday November 22, the CD and digital release is Friday December 9.

PS, is it me or does the cover remind anyone else of the old Rambo: First Blood Part II poster?

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Down Foundation - This Time Is Ours MCD

Down Foundation was a short-lived band from Albany, NY. They were quite popular within the Albany scene, but I don't believe they got a lot of recognition outside of it. They played posi hardcore, something which I don't usually go for, but with a heavier edge, and it works remarkably well. I love this MCD, great stuff that just flows really well and I'm sure their live shows were a ton of fun.

Down Foundation released a demo in early '98 which was followed later that year by a split 7" with Dead Thirteen, and this MCD, which was released on local label Losing Face Records. Down Foundation also appeared on the Losing Face compilation CD which I posted here. After the band folded, members moved on to bands like Endicott and Once And For All (not to be confused with the late 80s band that did a 7" on Nemesis Records).

Down Foundation - This Time Is Ours MCD

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Rebirth - 1996 demo

Not to be confused with the current and excellent Melbourne, Australia based band of the same name (do check em out!), Rebirth was an obscure and short-lived band from the Upton/Uxbridge, MA area in the mid 90s. As far as I know they did just one demo, in 1996, which I've uploaded here. It's a good slice of 90s metallic hardcore that mixes a heavier sound with more melodic/punkier parts, with vocals that match this mix of styles, alternating between screams and semi-sung vocals. Me being me, I love the heavier parts more than the melodic parts tho, haha, tracks like 'Nothing To Gain' and 'Seeds Of My Downfall' are simply great.

Unfortunately, I know very little more about the actual band itself, but some members of Rebirth went on to another relatively obscure but solid melodic 90s hardcore band called Uplift. Most/all of the Uplift recordings can be listened to and downloaded on their bandcamp btw, so check that out as well! To add even more of a 90s hardcore flavor to this post, several members from Uplift (not Rebirth tho) moved on to a more well-known 90s MA HC band called Fortydaysrain, as well as Cannae. Rebirth singer Jason is now a film maker who wrote and directed a couple of low-budget horror movies including 2011's 'Blood Was Everywhere', in case yer into indie horror. So there... Enjoy!

Rebirth - 1996 demo

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Rise Up compilation tape

Earlier this week I got an email from a OnexPath reader regarding my post on Withdrawal from Florida, if I had anything else by them. As mentioned in the post, it just so happens they appeared on a compilation that my old band also appeared on, so yeah... Here's that comp, it's called 'Rise Up' and was released by True Strength Records in 1998. I can't remember how we got on that comp or who was behind the label, but I'm fairly certain that the old newsgroup had something to do with it, hah... Those were the days... I don't think True Strength did many releases after this comp, if any.

Anyways, as the subtitle suggests, this is indeed a worldwide hardcore compilation, even if 8 of the 14 bands are from the States.The bands on here are, in order of appearance: Withdrawal (USA), Implicate (USA, I wrote about them here), Advertencia (Puerto Rico), Hoods (USA), Gat Rot (USA), Staydown (Spain), Sludge! (USA), Everybody Gets Hurt (USA), Self (Denmark), Step Down (USA), D.S.M. (New Zealand), Concrete (the Netherlands), Relentless (USA) and Disdain (the Netherlands, my old band, I did the vocals). Stylistically this comp showcases a good mix of hardcore punk, old school hardcore and more heavier and harder styles of hardcore/metalcore. A solid comp from start to finish. Enjoy!

Rise Up compilation tape

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Life Support - Where It Goes... 7"

In an early OnexPath post I wrote a bit about Naked Angels, a North-Carolina hardcore band fronted by Rob R Rock, the first sXe hardcore rapper. After Naked Angels ended he didn't quit hardcore altogether tho. In 1997 Rob, together with some friends, recorded a demo under the name Life Support. That demo was put out on vinyl later the following year on Groovecore Records, a local label which had also put out some of the Naked Angels records.

In some ways Life Support was a 'Groovecore NC HC all-star' band, besides Rob R Rock it also had Bryan Scorch from Empire Falls on guitar (before he became an ultra-conservative right-wing nut I presume), L. Grant Meadows on drums (Naked Angels, Shatterhed) and Owen Threatt on bass (Line Drive). All of these bands had released records on Groovecore already, hah... Anyways, the 7" has 4 songs of solid crunchy hardcore with Rob's distinct vocals, some cool gang backups, and lyrics dealing with environmental issues as well as never giving up in trying to make a change. Life Support would record a few more covers for some compilations, but aside from that this is their only release. Check it out!

Here's a video of 'Biosphere' from the demo/7" btw:

Life Support - Where It Goes... 7"

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Face - Losin' Control CD

There's not lot I can tell you about Face from New Jersey. They self-released their 'Losin' Control' CD in 1997, which also includes their 1996 'Face It' demo. The band played decent groovy NJHC that alternates between old school hardcore and almost rapcore-like hardcore, a combination that probably worked really well live. I can't find anything about the band online however, so I have no idea if these 2 recordings are the only ones they did, or what the band members did before or after Face. If anybody knows more about this band, please leave a comment!

Face - Losin' Control CD

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Cease Fire - The Blind Lead The Blind, It's The Democratic Way 7"

Another somewhat random 7" from my collection. Cease Fire was a short-lived band from Lockport, NY that did, aside from demo's, only this 'The Blind Lead The Blind, It's The Democratic Way' 7". The 7", taking its title from a quote by American author Henry Miller, was released on Fetus Records in 1995. Cease Fire played a heavy mix of hardcore and (thrash) metal with gruff and throaty vocals belting out angry socio-political lyrics. Really solid stuff overall, even if it's nothing new or original. I have no idea if the band members did any bands before or after Cease Fire.

BTW, I numbered the tracks according to how they appear on the 7", not the incorrect order listed on the back/insert.

Cease Fire - The Blind Lead The Blind, It's The Democratic Way 7"

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Poems Of Manhood comp 7"

The relatively obscure 'Poems of Manhood' compilation 7" was released by Vapor Records back in 1993. Vapor Records was based in Lake Mary, FL and this comp showcases 4 bands from their local area. Of those bands, Bloodlet is probably the most well-known band for OnexPath readers, they went on to become a relatively big 90s name with a bunch of full-length releases on Victory records (before that label went to shit). This is one of their early recordings, this track also ended up on their 1st 7" on Smorgasbord Records. Awesome track. Their bassist at the time also played in Adventures In Immortality, another band on this comp, playing a pretty good melodic/emotive hardcore/punk style. They did a few more 7"s on Vapor Records, maybe they were also running the label, does anybody know? The Holsteins were a skapunk band, with the emphasis on ska. Not my thing at all, I'm sorry to say. Claimjumper were a female-fronted trio that played decent and quirky off-beat powerpop/punk with ditto vocals, and they also shared a member with Adventures In Immortality. All in all a wide mix of styles, and quality, on this slab of vinyl.

Poems Of Manhood comp 7"

Sunday, June 26, 2016

New blood: Carried Away

I love it when hardcore bands write me about their music. It is always great to discover new bands, whether they're up my alley or not. Hardcore lives, and that's all that matters. In the case of Carried Away from Bucks County, PA, I have no problem endorsing them. Great modern hardcore that doesn't really have the tough PAHC sound, but instead their sound includes a range of influences making their sound quite varied. Their 'Common Case' demo has the metallic heaviness of 'Unabashed' as well the more melodic and old school sound of 'Memories', and everything in between. Good stuff!

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Instigate - Darkside Forces 7"

Instigate was a short-lived metalcore band from the French-speaking part of Belgium, Wallonia... Unfortunately for them, and almost all bands from Wallonia, their region never got as much attention and recognition as the Flemish and Brussels scenes. Which is a shame, Instigate had a great sound that fit in well with the metallic hardcore that was played all over Belgium at the time, with some really strong vocals that went from hardcore screams to almost Kickback-like vocals. If you have any sort of affinity with the Belgian metalcore scenes like the H8000 or Brussels bands, you might be pleasantly surprised by Instigate. Instigate's 'Darkside Forces' 7" is their only release I know of. It was released in 1999 on Hell Child Records, itself a small local label. Do check it out, this is a really solid 7".

Instigate - Darkside Forces 7"

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Straight Jacket - s/t CD

A few years I posted the 'Losing Face' compilation, which featured mostly upstate NY hardcore bands. One of them was Straight Jacket from Albany, NY. Here is their self-titled CD from 1999, which was released on Step Up Presents. Awesome heavy metallic hardcore with great gruff vocals, which falls in line with the rough Albany HC sound of the time, but also displays more intricate song stuctrures and musicianship than you might expect. Underrated stuff for sure! I don't have a lot of background info on the band, but it seems they were around from the early 90s to around 2000. Aside from this CD they also appeared on a 3-way split with Skinless and End Of Line, and also did a CD called 'I See Nothing'. Unfortunately I have neither. Singer Greg Kennedy moved onto to Disciples Of Berkowitz and then Wasteform after Straight Jacket broke up. I have no idea if the other band members did any other bands afterwards. In any case, enjoy!

Straight Jacket - s/t CD

Sunday, May 15, 2016

No Exit No Return comp 7"

Here's the first release on Upstate Records, a Syracuse, NY based label run by one of the guys in Oversight. This 'No Exit No Return' compilation 7" was released in 1991 and has 4 bands on it, Process Of Elimination, Dead Image, Refuse To Fall and Encounter, playing mostly late 80s/early 90s melodic hardcore. Of the four bands on here, Process Of Elimination from CT have the most straight-forward sound, similar to their self-released 7". Dead Image is the least memorable band on here, I'm not into their take on melodic hardcore. Refuse To Fall's track has that early 90s sound that they also showed on their 'Soul Fire' 7", good stuff! Encounter's song is a typical Encounter song and really good, but it sounds almost like a rehearsal recording unfortunately. Damn shame, I love Encounter, but I have the give the edge to Refuse To Fall as best band on this comp. In any case, a decent comp, so check it out! Oh, and that weird start to Encounter's track is the way it starts on my 7", maybe it's a mastering error?

No Exit No Return comp 7"

Sunday, May 8, 2016

New blood: Dretch

In the mid to late 90s Florida spawned a ton of awesome bands, from Morning Again to Culture to Cease to Omega Man to Scrog etc... And there's still quality bands coming out of Florida. Such as Dretch, from Ocala, FL. They released their first demo in late 2015, and it's a rager. The demo's 3 songs are all under 2 minutes long, not counting an almost 2 minute long movie sample at the end of 'Pledge Of Convenience'. Get in, fuck shit up, and get out, seems to be their motto. I'm not complaining when it's done as well as here. Stylistically the band's sound is similar to that of bands like Rise & Fall and Enabler while also adding small hints of bands like old Integrity and Converge, but with a no frills and stripped to the bone approach. Definitely a band to keep a close eye on.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

New blood: Penitentiary

I may be a scrawny 40-something year old 'kid' but I do love tough hardcore from time to time. Here's a relatively new band who are heavy and tough as nails. Penitentiary from the Northwest of Indiana recently dropped their first EP online. Great heavy metallic hardcore that also has some slight thrash metal influences. The band members have been around for years and previously did time in bands like Blood In Blood Out, Imprisoned and Blackwater. I am only familiar with BIBO who were awesome, so it's cool to see some of them still playing hardcore. What sets Penitentiary apart are the thrash metal influences, reminding me of bands like Through The Discipline at times, while their overall sounds also bring to mind bands like All Out War and Anger, and some of the harder PAHC bands. If these guys ever make it out here to Europe, they had better play the Ruhrpott area in Germany, kids there go ape-shit for this stuff.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Blood: Afterlife

Afterlife is a new female-fronted hardcore band from Saint Petersburg, Russia, who just released their first EP online, and they love their 90s hardcore. Perfect! Their sound incorporates elements from a variety of 90s bands. I hear hints and influences of bands as wide-ranging as Trial, early Undying, Doughnuts and Nientara mixed with some heavier and more modern influences. Thankfully it doesn't come off as a mess, and singer Natasha's vocals are also quite strong. Excellent stuff. Unfortunately my knowledge of the Russian language is pretty much non-existent, but Google Translate suggests the lyrics are more on the personal than political side. In any case, this is an awesome EP, so check it out! I'm looking forward to checking out more material from this band!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Equity - s/t 7"

Equity was a band from Roanoke, Virginia that played raw scathing hardcore with raspy vocals, and they managed to blend in both softer parts and heavier parts, creating a really cool sound, somewhat reminiscent of bands like Channel. This self-titled 7" was released on At A Loss Records in late 1995/early 1996, who also released the 'Destroy Southern Tradition' comp 7", the only other record I know of with Equity, aside from possible demo's. In any case, this 7" is really good stuff, with lyrics that deal with subjects like abortion (which seems inspired by a local story of an illegal abortion that went wrong?) and the death penalty. Members moved on to bands like Aphasia, Die Screaming and The Sword. If anybody has any additional info on this band, or even access to other recordings, please leave a comment!

Equity - s/t 7"

Saturday, March 26, 2016

New blood: Absolve

Absolve is a great new band from Belgium and the Netherlands. And no, they're not bringing back the H8000 sound nor are they even from the H8000 area (some people still think every metallic hardcore band from Belgium is H8000....)... Anyways, they describe their sound as somewhere between Death Threat and No Innocent Victim, I would also add Hatebreed and All Out War to the mix. They've also added a lot of more modern mosh parts, and while they wear their influences on their sleeves, they don't sound like copycats. It's simply great and solid hardcore with pissed off vocals & lyrics. So if you like your hardcore heavy, metallic and angry, this band is for you. They just had their first EP released on Belgium's Kick Out The Jams, so pick that up if you can!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ignorance Never Settles / Mark Of The Devil split MCD

In 1999 Canada's Ignorance Never Settles and Germany's Mark Of The Devil teamed up to do a split MCD on Belgian label Firestorm Records. A truly international collaboration! Ignorance Never Settles was from Ontario, and they were one of the more metallic hardcore bands around in Canada during the 90s. While they always had the metallic sound, it did evolve over time, also due to countless member changes. Their sound also seemed to incorporate influences from the Florida and European scenes of that era. I believe by the time this split was released, the band had already folded (their recordings for this split are from 1997). Mark Of The Devil was a short-lived German band with a strong atheist/anti-religion stance, which was quite popular in the German metalcore scene at the time. Their sound also uses a mix between 'evil' guttural screams and grunts, reminiscent of bands like Killtheslavemaster. All in all, a great split between 2 bands with a typically late 90s metalcore sound.

Ignorance Never Settles / Mark Of The Devil split MCD

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Breakfall - Words So Softly Spoken MCD

Breakfall was a short-lived straight edge hardcore band out of the UK, with members from Scotland and Northern Ireland. The band played a nice mixture of up-tempo crunchy 90s inspired hardcore with old school influences. This MCD was released in 1998 on their own label, Strength In An Age Of Weakness Records. I think this also served as a demo, I am not aware of any other recordings by this band. Members went to Circle Again (who appeared on the awesome 'More Than The X On Our Hands' 6x7" compilation) and Some Days Better. Apparently the drummer moved to the US and played for Ensign for a while? In any case, enjoy!

Breakfall - Words So Softly Spoken MCD

Saturday, February 27, 2016

New blood: Zero

More new blood! Zero are a youth crew-inspired band from Canada. While I am not exactly the biggest youth crew fan, good stuff is good stuff, such as True Colors (RIP) from Belgium and Insist out of the UK in recent years. And Zero falls into that category as well for me. They take cues from the old CTHC scene, think of Cornerstone and such, but they don't simply rehash that sound however, they add slightly different elements to it, so they do stand out a bit from the pack. They recently released their debut 7" on Insight Records (US/Canada) and Powered Records (Europe). If you're into youth crew and/or more old school-inspired hardcore, check out this band!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

New blood: Fractured

For whatever reason I'm on various band promoter's mailing lists who obviously have never bothered to check out what OnexPath is all about, sending me info about shitty shoegaze, rock and ambient spaced out whatever the hell it is bands... So that makes it all the better when an actual hardcore band takes the time to email me personally. One such band is Fractured from Shallotte, North Carolina. I had never heard of them before they emailed me. Shame on me, cuz this is awesome shit! Their latest EP, 'Debt To Pay', was released online a few months ago, and it's tight as hell! In some parts I'm reminded me of the heavier 90s bands like Turmoil while they also have a modern hardcore sound, bands like Atlanta's Foundation also come to mind. It's an excellent combination, and I urge anybody who visits OnexPath regularly to check Fractured! You will not be disappointed. The band also seems to enjoy playing out and has just done a small tour around several states. So if you live anywhere near NC, be sure to catch this band live, I'm sure they kill it live!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Fallen - Cold Turns On Cold CD

Fallen were an emocore band from the Worcester, Massachusetts area. They were around in the mid to late 90s, in various line-ups, but didn't release a lot of material. Their sound mixed the softer emo sound with a harder more metallic sound, influenced by bands like Converge, Cast Iron Hike and Cave In, and at times the band also sounds like New Day Rising. In 1998 a couple of their recordings sessions, which were originally meant for releases that never happened like a split 7", were released on a CD by Pensive Recording Group, who also released a Forcefedglass CD that same year. After this CD the band also did a split with a band called Kilnemia, but I've never seen it, let alone heard it. Around 2000 or so the band split up. Bass player Nick Van Someren went on to play in Ink Cartridge Funeral and Silent Drive, I have no idea if the other members went on to play in other bands. If you're into emocore with a metallic edge, you might find this interesting.

Fallen - Cold Turns On Cold CD

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Grasp - s/t 7"

There is something about a certain style of artwork that screams 90s hardcore to me, and when I see such a record, I want to check it out. Like this self-titled 7" by Grasp, a short-lived band from British Columbia, Canada. As you can already guess from the cover with its typewriter font and badly copied art (probably copied from some historical/art book), this has 90s written all over it. Hell, the 7" even comes with a handmade DIY patch. Released in 1995 on Construction Records, this record has 5 awesome tracks of intense mid-tempo metallic 90s hardcore on it with screamed vocals and socio-political lyrics dealing with subjects such as rape, pro-choice and addiction. The inserts even have explanations for the, already pretty self-explanatory, lyrics. There really is nothing bad I can say about this 7", it's just another great, and fairly obscure, 90s hardcore record. Members also played in bands such as Render Useless, Jonas and Lost Cause. Unfortunately, this is their only record I'm aware of, if anybody has any other recordings of this band, please share them!

Grasp - s/t 7"

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Fasten - Our Dynasty Is Nigh... 7"

My first post of 2016 and this is by far the worst record I've put on my blog since its inception, sorry about that. But... it was time, it kept popping up every time I flipped through my 7"s, begging for a post. Fasten was a shortlived militant sXe band from Venice, Florida and as far as I know they did nothing else besides maybe a few demo's, and this 7" called 'The Dynasty Is Nigh...' which they released on their own label, Upheld Records. I can't give you a year of release, but I am pretty sure I got this some time in the late 90s, so you do the math. My copy is on red and hand-numbered out of 300, I have no idea if other versions exist, if they do I've never seen them. In any case, good or bad, Fasten is and also was a pretty obscure band, playing heavy 90s chugga chugga metalcore style.

Unfortunately for them they were kinda mediocre at it with some pretty bad vocals. Actually, 'Acquittal' is rather decent really, all things considering. But as I mentioned casually above, this was a militant sXe band. Or should I say a MILITANT STRAIGHT FUCKING EDGE band? I don't think there are many bands that took the line 'The militant edge, it's not a joke' from A Chorus Of Disapproval's 'No Part' as serious as this band. Check out the opening of 'Soaked And Showered':
Tapping the vein of the scum I slay
The final blood bath
I stand alone
Soaked and showered from the spray
Of their precious lives
Taken by me the executioner
And yes, they mean xbusinessx, as the song ends with:
Victorious in the name of the X
Man, I doubt my edge is real enough for these straight edge warriors.

All joking aside tho, it sounds like Fasten was a bunch of kids who found the edge and truly believed enough in themselves to release their songs on 7". And that is more than hardcore enough for me. Even if the 7" is not that good.

Fasten - Our Dynasty Is Nigh... 7"