Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ignorance Never Settles / Mark Of The Devil split MCD

In 1999 Canada's Ignorance Never Settles and Germany's Mark Of The Devil teamed up to do a split MCD on Belgian label Firestorm Records. A truly international collaboration! Ignorance Never Settles was from Ontario, and they were one of the more metallic hardcore bands around in Canada during the 90s. While they always had the metallic sound, it did evolve over time, also due to countless member changes. Their sound also seemed to incorporate influences from the Florida and European scenes of that era. I believe by the time this split was released, the band had already folded (their recordings for this split are from 1997). Mark Of The Devil was a short-lived German band with a strong atheist/anti-religion stance, which was quite popular in the German metalcore scene at the time. Their sound also uses a mix between 'evil' guttural screams and grunts, reminiscent of bands like Killtheslavemaster. All in all, a great split between 2 bands with a typically late 90s metalcore sound.

Ignorance Never Settles / Mark Of The Devil split MCD

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I was looking for this album for a long time