Sunday, March 17, 2013

One 4 One - Trust Is Lost MCD

Someone requested this CD recently on a previous One 4 One post, so here it is. This CD was released in 1998 on Kevone Bulldoze's Time-Served Records. Great NJHC with Dan Murray's distinct vocals (he's also the one member who survived all of their line-up changes). It's not exactly original nor is it the best record ever, but as I explained in the previous One 4 One post, I have a soft spot for this band. And One 4 One was definitely an underrated band, don't get me wrong. So if you want some great NJHC, look no further than One 4 One. Also don't forget to check out AJ's post on their 'Seven Year Cicada' album which is their last, and best, album.

One 4 One - Trust Is Lost MCD


Fred said...

Yo, awesome album, I love the first riff on Nothing To Nowhere. It's always tight for me between this one and Version 2.0 which has some of their best songs too, like Control.

7 Years Cicada is good too but way different from their own blend of hardcore that they perfected on those previous albums.

Anonymous said...

fuck they were great. seven year cicada remains one of my favorite records,and the shows were wild.
It was a great time for sure,not only around jersey,but the bronx area and of course ny in the 90s were fucking brutal.

did you happen to have the mncd "togheter as none" by Denied anyway? that thing was another top notch og record,and the 5 minute major post is still the best thing happen since i have an internet connection..thanks anyway
an oldtimer

raviisangry said...

Thanks for posting this album, its fucking great, love the blog, keep posting hard bands!