Sunday, May 24, 2009

Naked Angels

Here are 3 Naked Angels 7 inches, as requested by a friend of mine. Naked Angels was a sXe hardcore band from North Carolina in the late '80s to early '90s. One of the members, Rob Seeman, called himself Rob R Rock, and became known as the first sXe hardcore rapper, with his track 'Cruelty Free' on the 'Voice Of The Voiceless' compilation from 1991. For a long time I didn't bother checking out this band because I expected some kind of bad rap/punk/hardcore mix... Thankfully I was wrong. And while Naked Angels are far from great, they're also definitely not bad. Decent punk/hardcore, nothing more, nothing less.

Despite the title of their 'The Real Hardline' 7" from 1991/1992, which also features a song with the title 'Hardline', the band was not hardline. The song 'Hardline' is actually about homophobic jocks in the straight edge scene, an issue that is still as relevant now as it was back then. The band did support veg(etari)anism as mentioned on the inside of the cover for the 'Intent To Kill' 7" from 1992, and all the members were straight edge as far as I know. The sound on this 7" is harder than on the 'The Real Hardline' 7", with Rob singing with a deeper, tougher voice. My favourite of these 3 7inches.

Also included here is a live 7" called 'On The Road E.P.', also from 1992. It has the subtitle "Recorded live at WRTC on 'Notes From The Underground'".

After these records, the band did another 7", 2 albums and were on a number of compilations. Some of these were released on Rob R Rock's own Groovecore label.

I did come across an 'interesting' piece of info regarding the Naked Angels drummer on the 'Intent To Kill' 7" from 1992, who turned out to have lots of issues and eventually ended up murdering his own mother... Check it out. Crazy stuff!

Naked Angels - The Real Hardline 7"
Naked Angels - Intent To Kill 7"
Naked Angels - One The Road E.P. 7"
Naked Angels website (old and unmaintained)


marcus said...

hey, good work! thanks for these!

Anonymous said...

Hey what's up? Nice post. I do promo for R-Rock's current band, Remote Control Frequencies. You should check them out at Not quite 90s hardcore, but if you're open to more experimental hip-hop etc. you might dig it.

sambson said...

I've got the 1995 SMILING IN THE FACE OF DISASTER CD if yr interested.

XemonerdX said...

sambson, I'm definitely interested in that CD. Can you upload it somewhere? Thanxxx!

Rpb R-Rock said...

I have to tell you that the 'Smiling in the Face of Disaster' CD is not my favorite. The vocals are horrible and some of the songs that we shoved together were like two different bands. The 'Pornocracy' LP is the best N/A ever did. Come see us play this at Ziggy's 6/23/12 benefit for Ibrahim. Peace!

Anonymous said...

Naked Angels' "Pornocracy" LP is a must have. Lots of good hardcore with metal overtones, melodic at times. The Smiling in the Face of Disaster CD is definitely an odd mix of tracks. I would recommend that you skip that one.

Anonymous said...

hello can you re upload these links? can you upload also the pornocracy LP?

alex italy

XemonerdX said...

Reupped! No plans for ripping the LP atm, I can't do LP (or even 10") size scans unfortunately... But who knows, I'll keep it in mind, thanxxx!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot , really. alex