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Losing Face compilation CD

Losing Face Records was around from '98 till, I believe, the mid '00s. The label was started by Byron Wheeler. He played in 2 bands that are on this compilation, Straight Jacket and Wrath. He also played in this awesome political hardcore band called Lariat, search around for their stuff, you won't regret it. Anyways, this compilation was released in 1998 and features mostly bands from upstate NY (Bane and Indecision being the 2 exceptions, and also the most well-known bands on here). Most of the tracks on here are previously released, but it's still a solid compilation. Here's the list of bands: Bane, Inner Dam, Withstand, Indecision, Wrath, Husk, Straight Jacket, Solace, Down Foundation, Cipher, Section 8, Sever and Birth Control Glasses. The Birth Control Glasses track is tacked onto the Sever track and is weird, to say the least, haha... I didn't bother separating them, sorry. Anyways, if anybody has any info on Husk or Solace, lemme know, I quite dig their tracks but have been unable to find any info on them.

Losing Face compilation CD


justin said...

i can help you out with some info on husk. i own a husk 7 inch, ive searched for years to find it in mp3 format because i don't own a usb turntable or anything like that. info is pretty scarce on them. i picked the 7 inch up years ago at harvest, endeavor and husk show. i do not know if they had a demo or anything like that.

fron what i understand they turned ino another band called "the dying game theory" who had a record out on dead droid records. they put out stuff like the weezer tribute, apathemy & break of dawn split 7 inch. i don't have their record on dead droid but i do have a demo in mp3 format that is pretty hard to come by. if you're interested, get back to me and i can send it to you.

Anonymous said...

Hello i am looking for any music by Wrath i cant find any anywhere i got a cd about 10 years or so ago and i remember loving it. I cant remeber the name of the album but i do remember the art was all scratchy looking kinda Ralph Steadmanesque. Even just album names will help me nrrow my search. Email me @cdubjxn@gmail.come if you have any info. thank you

Anonymous said...

My own cd have a release info sheet. just write the information

V/A - Losing Face Compilation CD
Wrath - Twisted and Tormented CD
Wrath - Essence of Insecurity Demo
Diminished - Held in the Arms of Hatred Demo

I have Wrath's cd. It's pretty good

tophatne1 said...

Husk was a cool band. I actually have their 7” as well as the whole thing on DAT tape from when I put his comp together. Solace too. Both bands were from Massena, NY. They only played shows up along the Canadian boarder and in VT, so I’m not surprised that their stuff is hard to find. I have the Solace demo in my basement stash somewhere.
A little background on this comp for those that are interested… Linwood Bingham (from Lariat, The Killing) joined up with me just as I was putting this together and became the other guy doing Losing Face, So there was actually 2 of us. It cost a ton of money back then to release anything. If we didn’t join up this would have been the last Losing Face release. Linwood actually kept at it and did a few releases on the label after I decided to move on to other things. (Seemless, Burning bridges, End of a Year to name a few).
Apt 213 and Scotty Tripface's band Schmegma were supposed to be on the comp also but neither of them sent me anything, despite my numerous phone calls and them telling me “we’re recording soon dude, soon”
I waited probably 6 months on the Bane song. They agreed to be on it way before they did their first CD with EVR. That song was supposed to be an unreleased track but ended up being from the EVR recording. I had it on the comp before the CD was out, so technically it was “unreleased” for a few weeks. They had it written into their contract with EVR that they previously agreed to put a song on the comp, which I thought was pretty decent of them. They could have just blown me off at that point. I used to talk with Aaron on the phone every quite a bit in those days. Wrath and Bane used to help each other get on shows. Seeing that we were friends he felt that it would have been shitty to not do the comp. Even though Steve at EVR didn’t like the idea.
Now that I think about it a lot of these songs were unreleased for a bit (Cipher, Indecision, Withstand) before they came out on other releases. So it was the hot new shit for a minute. Funny thing about this comp is that virtually all of the bands on here never acknowledged that they were ever on this comp. Haha.
Birth Control Glasses in Crazy Jay form Plattsburgh, not Torn. He said he wanted to be on the comp so he got the bonus track. There was a slow version of that song (which was the version of that song he wanted on the comp) but it was like 12 minutes long. 12 minutes of Crazy Jay screaming was just way to much brutality so I used the fast version.
I have probably 60 copies of this comp, the Wrath Cd, and Down Foundation CD hanging out in my 13 year old distro that is just stored away. If anyone is interest email me and we’ll work out something.

xIann Matthewx said...


xIann Matthewx said...

I realize how intense my previous post was. But in all seriousness, if I could definitely get mp3 copies of the HUSK 7" and SOLACE demo, I would be forever in your debt. I grew up in Potsdam NY and these two bands were what I was first being exposed to, coming up into the scene in 1997. They hold a extremely deep part in my heart. I'd love to have a chance to hear those old songs again.

Anonymous said...

could you re-up this album plz? :)

XemonerdX said...