Thursday, December 22, 2016

New blood: Day By Day (Florida, USA)

I guess technically they can't be called 'new blood' as they've been around for a few years already, but fuck it... My blog, my rules...  I caught Day By Day from Florida earlier this year on their European tour, supporting Higher Power from the UK (who btw are seriously great, if yer into all of Leeway's albums you will love them!)... And they rocked, hard. Despite being from Florida, the band has a sound that has a rough, unpolished edge to it and at times brings to mind some of the more groovy NYHC bands of the early 90s, combined with some raspy vocals that gives their sound a bit of an edge. Day By Day just does their own thing, regardless of what is popular or hip, also on stage. I loved their stage presence, very energetic with a down to earth but fun vibe, no tough guy bullshit. Another band that reminded me once again that hardcore ain't about being the most original/crazy/unique/hardest band, it's about being real and doing what you love. Fuck trends. Long live Day By Day.

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Dan said...

GREAT band. I picked up the 12" from Eighty Sixed and have been listening to it regularly for a couple months now. Thy also have a new seven inch out on the same label.