Saturday, February 27, 2010

Slowsidedown - s/t 7"

Slowsidedown was a band from Portland, OR in the mid '90s. They released 2 7"s, and appeared on a couple of compilations. Here is their 1st, self-titled, 7" released in 1995 on Red Alert Works, also out of Portland, OR. Maybe it was the label of one of the band-members? Either way, this is excellent semi-spastic mid '90s hardcore/emo with a lot of tension and intensity in the songs. Think Angel Hair, New Day Rising, etc... But I suppose the manila envelope cover this 7" comes in already gives the style away. The really cool artwork of this 7" and the insert was done by a guy called Jason Swivel. Either he, the band or the label was nice enough to include a hand-made postcard as promotion for his graphical design work with this 7", which is a nice touch. Anyways, after this 7", they did a 7" on Excursion Records which I unfortunately do not own. The singer later sang for Jayhawker and Pistols At Dusk. Other members went on to The Transplants.

Slowsidedown - s/t 7"


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this sounds awesome too would be great to have it re-upped. thanks for doing all this re-upping haha.

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