Monday, February 15, 2010

Hang The Bastard / Abolition split 7"

Not exactly a record from the '90s, but whatever, plenty of '90s worshipping going on here... 2 Excellent bands from London, UK, and released by cool people, what's not to support/love?! I already knew Hang The Bastard from their 'Raw Sorcery' MCD and the 2 songs on here continue in the same vein. Incredibly metallic hardcore with sick vocals, there are plenty of Ringworm/Integrity/Kickback influences throughout but they also have more doom & straight up metal influences, tho these 2 tracks are less doom-y than the tracks on the MCD. If you're familiar with their MCD you'll want this for sure tho.

Abolition totally falls in the '90s hardcore category with their up-tempo hardcore that's similar to bands like Strife, Unashamed, Outspoken and Trial. Quality stuff. Anybody who knows me knows I live for this kinda hardcore, so these 2 tracks definitely give me an appetite for more Abolition. Really solid hardcore, I hope this band won't disband any time soon like so many who seem to come up, release a few kick-ass songs and then disappear again.

I don't have the artwork/full packaging for this as it's not released yet, so I can't comment on the lyrics or anything artwork related. But I have heard all the tracks on here and am loving it a lot, a sweet split 7" from start to finish. Pre-orders for this record are up on the Disposable Culture UK webstore now.

Hang The Bastard - Most Will Swim On A Lake Of Fire
Abolition - No Remorse
Disposable Culture UK webstore
Hang The Bastard myspace
Abolition myspace


Anonymous said...

Picked this up while visiting UK last week, listened a bit of it at All Ages Records and wow! Had to buy it immediately, both bands are so promising! Killing The Legacy is back on track by the way.



Benjrwoolf said...

the abolitoon - no remorse link is in valid, i live in the uk almost got to see these guys but they pulled out of the show still got to see hang the bastard though dont like there music so much but fuckign awesome live