Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bowel - Rotten Fecal Duct CD

This was a 'project'/joke-band from Cleveland, Ohio, made up of Integrity and One Life Crew members (Leon & Aaron Melnick and Tony Pines were involved if I remember correctly). Mean Steve did vocals (thanxxx to Andrew Aversionline for the info). Apart from a demo (which I don't have) this is the only release of theirs I know about, they also appear on the 'Dark Empire Strikes Back' compilation but with 'Barbicution' which is also featured on this CD. This CD was released on Dwid Integrity's Dark Empire label in 1994. Sick, but simplistic, grindcore with some absolutely punishing mid-tempo parts. I'm not much of a grindcore fan, so maybe this is pretty average as far as grindcore goes? Either way, who cares, just check it out. The intro 'Construction Boot Stomp' is about as crushing as an intro can get. You can also hear some Integrity influences in the guitar parts, such as the leads/solo in 'Hacked Humans'. All in all, I dig it.

This CD is actually a split CD, altho you wouldn't have guessed it if you saw the CD. The other band on here, The Guns, is only mentioned inside the booklet, and even then only with a tracklist. From what I gathered these tracks were added without permission from the bandmembers. I am not sure why these are added to the CD as The Guns were a hardcore punk band from the early/mid '80s and I'm pretty sure no member would eventually end up in Bowel. The only connection I know of is that The Guns were also from Cleveland. Pretty decent stuff tho, just a totally wrong band for a split with Bowel. 2 members of The Guns went on to a band called The Dark. Both of them have passed away unfortunately. RIP.

Here's a video of Bowel doing 'Rotten Fecal Duct':

Bowel - Rotten Fecal Duct CD
Bowel myspace



Mean Steve was the vocalist of Bowel as well.

Anonymous said...

Great! I used to have this on CD, back in '97. Sold it because I didn't like it back then. Let's listen if I enjoy it now, over ten years later. Thanks!

stoneage pounder said...

That 1984 Guns demo is actually coming out (with permission this time) on vinyl from Smog Veil records in spring 2012. 27 years later, it gets a proper release.

purplerainingblood said...

David Araca from The Guns was briefly a member of Integrity in the early 90s before passing away from a brain aneurysm, so there's some connection there. Incidentally, his dad did the spoken word part on the Psywarfare track that closes "Humanity Is The Devil".

Anonymous said...

reupload please

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