Monday, February 15, 2010

Direction comp 7"

I recently got my hands on this sweet little compilation 7" from 1997. I mainly got it for Disciple (when they were still called Disciple) and Stretch Arm Strong. But it's a cool compilation all around. It was released on Snacktime Records out of Seattle, WA.

Step Ahead kick things off with a hardcore track in the SOIA vein. Nothing more, nothing less, decent stuff you've heard a gazillion times before... If I'm not mistaken, one of the people in this band would eventually end up in Paint It Black? Actually I wouldn't mind hearing more by this band.
Disciple's track 'Eyewitness' would later be re-recorded for the 'Imitation Of Love' album, and this version would be included on the 'Doxology' album. Gotta love the rough edge that Disciple always had on their recordings. And those vocals, man... Good stuff. Not their best track, but basically you can't go wrong with this band.
I think Stretch Arm Strong's track 'Prevail' is exclusive to this 7", but I'm not sure. While I enjoy some of their stuff, they were never one of my fave bands, but this is a pretty good track. I dig it. If you like fast & posi hardcore (without being youth crew), you'll like this. Way better than the melodic stuff from their last few albums.
Rightstart starts off with a cool Snapcase 'Lookinglasself'-like guitar-riff but quickly shifts into youth crew hardcore mode with lyrics about 'bringing it back, the spirit of youth' and fingerpointing and their local C.H.U.B. crew. It's pretty decent, albeit fairly average stuff. Too bad their lyrics aren't included with this 7", deep stuff for sure.
Closing band 24th Solution, a sXe hardcore band, brings to the table a pretty cool hardcore track with some slight Downset. influences and pretty decent anti-corporate lyrics. Pretty good stuff, and closing off a relatively obscure, but solid compilation 7".

Various - Direction 7"
Sorry, couldn't find a page for Step Ahead anywhere
Disciple myspace
Stretch Arm Strong
Rightstart myspace
24th Solution myspace

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