Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cyclops - Cradle Of Man's Mistakes 7"

Even if yer not the biggest Man Is The Bastard fan (such as myself, I find MITB to be hit or miss), you gotta respect the unrelenting pace at which the band-members have pumped out records throughout the years, and their musical adventurism. Whether it's thru MITB or any of the many side-projects and other bands they did before, during and after MITB's life-span. Cyclops is one such a side-project/band. Cyclops was a short-lived band that Eric Wood and Joel Connell of MITB fame did right before they started MITB. They had both been in Pissed Happy Children and Pillsbury Hardcore before that and Cyclops happened around the same time as Neanderthal and right before Charred Remains/MITB. Cyclops was around from 1989 to 1991 and released only 2 7"s. Here is one of them.

This one-sided 7" from 1991, their 2nd and last, features 2 songs. You can really hear the more jazz/progrock oriented influences of MITB in Cyclops. Before Iceburn incorporated jazz & progrock into their sound, before MITB fused it with grindcore, Cyclops was doing it. The end-result is quite amazing, if I may say so. This is a 'hit' for me, basically. MITB would actually later re-record the 2nd track of this 7", 'Me & Hitler'. I'm still looking for the 1st 7" btw, if anybody has it, lemme know (I do have it on MP3, I want the actual 7").

Cyclops - Cradle Of Man's Mistakes 7"


Grk! said...

Thanks very much!

Bryan Rock said...

so good- there are videos floating around of them playing this stuff live on the east coast...