Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cyclops - Cradle Of Man's Mistakes 7"

Even if yer not the biggest Man Is The Bastard fan (such as myself, I find MITB to be hit or miss), you gotta respect the unrelenting pace at which the band-members have pumped out records throughout the years, and their musical adventurism. Whether it's thru MITB or any of the many side-projects and other bands they did before, during and after MITB's life-span. Cyclops is one such a side-project/band. Cyclops was a short-lived band that Eric Wood and Joel Connell of MITB fame did right before they started MITB. They had both been in Pissed Happy Children and Pillsbury Hardcore before that and Cyclops happened around the same time as Neanderthal and right before Charred Remains/MITB. Cyclops was around from 1989 to 1991 and released only 2 7"s. Here is one of them.

This one-sided 7" from 1991, their 2nd and last, features 2 songs. You can really hear the more jazz/progrock oriented influences of MITB in Cyclops. Before Iceburn incorporated jazz & progrock into their sound, before MITB fused it with grindcore, Cyclops was doing it. The end-result is quite amazing, if I may say so. This is a 'hit' for me, basically. MITB would actually later re-record the 2nd track of this 7", 'Me & Hitler'. I'm still looking for the 1st 7" btw, if anybody has it, lemme know (I do have it on MP3, I want the actual 7").

Cyclops - Cradle Of Man's Mistakes 7"

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Slowsidedown - s/t 7"

Slowsidedown was a band from Portland, OR in the mid '90s. They released 2 7"s, and appeared on a couple of compilations. Here is their 1st, self-titled, 7" released in 1995 on Red Alert Works, also out of Portland, OR. Maybe it was the label of one of the band-members? Either way, this is excellent semi-spastic mid '90s hardcore/emo with a lot of tension and intensity in the songs. Think Angel Hair, New Day Rising, etc... But I suppose the manila envelope cover this 7" comes in already gives the style away. The really cool artwork of this 7" and the insert was done by a guy called Jason Swivel. Either he, the band or the label was nice enough to include a hand-made postcard as promotion for his graphical design work with this 7", which is a nice touch. Anyways, after this 7", they did a 7" on Excursion Records which I unfortunately do not own. The singer later sang for Jayhawker and Pistols At Dusk. Other members went on to The Transplants.

Slowsidedown - s/t 7"

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bowel - Rotten Fecal Duct CD

This was a 'project'/joke-band from Cleveland, Ohio, made up of Integrity and One Life Crew members (Leon & Aaron Melnick and Tony Pines were involved if I remember correctly). Mean Steve did vocals (thanxxx to Andrew Aversionline for the info). Apart from a demo (which I don't have) this is the only release of theirs I know about, they also appear on the 'Dark Empire Strikes Back' compilation but with 'Barbicution' which is also featured on this CD. This CD was released on Dwid Integrity's Dark Empire label in 1994. Sick, but simplistic, grindcore with some absolutely punishing mid-tempo parts. I'm not much of a grindcore fan, so maybe this is pretty average as far as grindcore goes? Either way, who cares, just check it out. The intro 'Construction Boot Stomp' is about as crushing as an intro can get. You can also hear some Integrity influences in the guitar parts, such as the leads/solo in 'Hacked Humans'. All in all, I dig it.

This CD is actually a split CD, altho you wouldn't have guessed it if you saw the CD. The other band on here, The Guns, is only mentioned inside the booklet, and even then only with a tracklist. From what I gathered these tracks were added without permission from the bandmembers. I am not sure why these are added to the CD as The Guns were a hardcore punk band from the early/mid '80s and I'm pretty sure no member would eventually end up in Bowel. The only connection I know of is that The Guns were also from Cleveland. Pretty decent stuff tho, just a totally wrong band for a split with Bowel. 2 members of The Guns went on to a band called The Dark. Both of them have passed away unfortunately. RIP.

Here's a video of Bowel doing 'Rotten Fecal Duct':

Bowel - Rotten Fecal Duct CD
Bowel myspace

Monday, February 15, 2010

Direction comp 7"

I recently got my hands on this sweet little compilation 7" from 1997. I mainly got it for Disciple (when they were still called Disciple) and Stretch Arm Strong. But it's a cool compilation all around. It was released on Snacktime Records out of Seattle, WA.

Step Ahead kick things off with a hardcore track in the SOIA vein. Nothing more, nothing less, decent stuff you've heard a gazillion times before... If I'm not mistaken, one of the people in this band would eventually end up in Paint It Black? Actually I wouldn't mind hearing more by this band.
Disciple's track 'Eyewitness' would later be re-recorded for the 'Imitation Of Love' album, and this version would be included on the 'Doxology' album. Gotta love the rough edge that Disciple always had on their recordings. And those vocals, man... Good stuff. Not their best track, but basically you can't go wrong with this band.
I think Stretch Arm Strong's track 'Prevail' is exclusive to this 7", but I'm not sure. While I enjoy some of their stuff, they were never one of my fave bands, but this is a pretty good track. I dig it. If you like fast & posi hardcore (without being youth crew), you'll like this. Way better than the melodic stuff from their last few albums.
Rightstart starts off with a cool Snapcase 'Lookinglasself'-like guitar-riff but quickly shifts into youth crew hardcore mode with lyrics about 'bringing it back, the spirit of youth' and fingerpointing and their local C.H.U.B. crew. It's pretty decent, albeit fairly average stuff. Too bad their lyrics aren't included with this 7", deep stuff for sure.
Closing band 24th Solution, a sXe hardcore band, brings to the table a pretty cool hardcore track with some slight Downset. influences and pretty decent anti-corporate lyrics. Pretty good stuff, and closing off a relatively obscure, but solid compilation 7".

Various - Direction 7"
Sorry, couldn't find a page for Step Ahead anywhere
Disciple myspace
Stretch Arm Strong
Rightstart myspace
24th Solution myspace

Hang The Bastard / Abolition split 7"

Not exactly a record from the '90s, but whatever, plenty of '90s worshipping going on here... 2 Excellent bands from London, UK, and released by cool people, what's not to support/love?! I already knew Hang The Bastard from their 'Raw Sorcery' MCD and the 2 songs on here continue in the same vein. Incredibly metallic hardcore with sick vocals, there are plenty of Ringworm/Integrity/Kickback influences throughout but they also have more doom & straight up metal influences, tho these 2 tracks are less doom-y than the tracks on the MCD. If you're familiar with their MCD you'll want this for sure tho.

Abolition totally falls in the '90s hardcore category with their up-tempo hardcore that's similar to bands like Strife, Unashamed, Outspoken and Trial. Quality stuff. Anybody who knows me knows I live for this kinda hardcore, so these 2 tracks definitely give me an appetite for more Abolition. Really solid hardcore, I hope this band won't disband any time soon like so many who seem to come up, release a few kick-ass songs and then disappear again.

I don't have the artwork/full packaging for this as it's not released yet, so I can't comment on the lyrics or anything artwork related. But I have heard all the tracks on here and am loving it a lot, a sweet split 7" from start to finish. Pre-orders for this record are up on the Disposable Culture UK webstore now.

Hang The Bastard - Most Will Swim On A Lake Of Fire
Abolition - No Remorse
Disposable Culture UK webstore
Hang The Bastard myspace
Abolition myspace

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Social Disorder

Again a request. Here are the Social Disorder 'Media Lies' 7" and 'Goin' The Distance' CD. Great 'crossover' hardcore in the vein of Dmize, Leeway ('Desperate Measures' album) and such. I first came across this band on the first 'East Coast Assault' compilation. After doing a bunch of demo's, the 'Media Lies' 7" was released on Bodonksi Records out of Germany in 1990. Good stuff for sure, especially the title track. It sounds like a band that comes from a hardcore background and is trying to add a harder, more crossover type style to their sound, but isn't quite there yet. Solid 7" overall tho, especially side B is great. 'Media Lies' and 'Violent Times' would be re-recorded for their full-length.

In 1992, the infamous German Lost & Found Records released the 'Goin' The Distance' full-length. I have no idea whether this was an official release or not, it appears it is. Either way, I got this on CD pretty quickly after I discovered this band on the aforementioned 'East Coast Assault' compilation, it took me a bit longer to get my hands on a copy of the 'Media Lies' 7". Good stuff, and I've always liked this style of vocals quite a bit. Also, great lyrics which display a critical attitude towards mainstream media, society and human behavior but also more personal issues such as depression and the loss of a loved one. And musically it just rages, great riffs and I don't mind the solo's on this album, solid musicians. It's also a bit slower than the 7", and overall is a great crossover NYHC album.

For more info on the band, check their myspace and this wikipedia page. I don't have any of their demo's unfortunately, leave a comment or something if you do, would love to hear them! This band ruled hard, so if you don't know them already and are into crossover metallic NYHC, do check this out.

Social Disorder - Media Lies 7"
Social Disorder - Goin' The Distance CD
Social Disorder myspace

Monday, February 8, 2010

Lament - Levitate CD

A few days ago I fucked up in my post on the Lament 7" where I asked about other recordings, only to realize, after somebody left a comment, I have had their full-length in my collection for quite some time! I know I'm older than most kids listening to hardcore right now (I'm 36) and my memory is shitty, I just hoped it wouldn't be this shitty, hahaha... Anyways, Alex from Italy left a comment as well after I acknowledged I do have the CD, requesting a rip of the full-length, so here it is. This CD was released on Too Damn Hype Records in 1994. Too Damn Hype released some great records over time, some of which I've posted about in the past both on here (East Coast Assault comp and Philly Dust Krew comp) and on xStuck In The Pastx (East Coast Assault 2 comp). The label was done by Met from Dare To Defy, who also did Chord zine and Chord Records, and runs (at least I hope they didn't close down) a punk/hardcore record store in Philly. Anyways, after listening to it again after a bunch of years, I still prefer the 7", but I have to admit it's a solid CD. Enjoy!

Lament - Levitate CD

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Withstand was a hardcore band from Troy, NY in the '90s who were fucking great. There have been numerous great bands from Upstate NY like One King Down, Stigmata, Section8 and so on... Withstand definitely belongs in that list too. Their mid-tempo mix of hardcore and metal with those typical '90s semi-spoken/semi-sung vocals is just great. I love this stuff. Here are their releases that I own. The 'Into My Own' 7" from 1993 starts off with an acoustic intro but then quickly shifts into their heavy mid-tempo style, with pounding riffs and great vocals. Side B continues with the same style of music but adds some interesting drums to the mix. A great first release for this band...

In 1995 the 'Light Of A New Day...' MCD was released on Trainwreck Records, whose next release would be One King Down's 'Absolve' MCD. This 4-song MCD rips from start to finish and includes the sick intro '11' for their track 'Wish You Were' (see also the video below). Bill Scoville (One King Down) played bass on both the 7" as well as this MCD even though they had another bass-player, Justin Markou (who also played in Bloodwar and Pushbutton Warfare), listed both times. Justin Markou died of an overdose in 2006, RIP.

Their '...And Anger Was A Warm Place To Hide' CD was released in 1997 on Fierce/Mayhem Records. All the tracks of the MCD were re-recorded for this album (apart from the intro, insanely enough). A solid album that is a bit more complex in places than their previous work. It contains some great new songs such as 'Eyes To Guide Them' and 'Years End' and but also an acoustic track called 'All Souls'. Great stuff from start to finish.

Their self-titled 7" from 1997 is a weird release. It has just 'The Guardian' and 'Fallen On Deaf Ears' from the full-length CD on it, same recordings and all... No clue what the idea was behind this 7" considering there's nothing here that's new or different or anything. That is also why I didn't rip the 7", just check the songs on the full-length. I did include scans of this release with the full-length download. My copy doesn't have an insert tho, not sure there was one to begin with.

If anybody could up some Withstand demo's or material not listed here, that would be awesome. I do have the 'Losing Face Compilation' released by Losing Face Records which has a Withstand track on it, but it's also 'The Guardian' from the full-length. I might post the comp at some point tho, since it's pretty good. They were also on another Update NY hardcore comp called 'United We Stand, Divided We Fall' which I don't have called unfortunately, if anybody could rip it that would be sweet!

As mentioned, bass-player Justin Markou would form Bloodwar (as guitarist) and also did time in Pushbutton Warfare, Withstand drummer Matt Fallon would join them after a while. I have no idea what the other members were up to after Withstand. Any info is appreciated.

Here's a great Withstand video from 1994, just look at the people going off to '11', the intro to 'With You Were' from their MCD, awesome stuff:

Withstand - Into My Own 7"
Withstand - Light Of A New Day... MCD
Withstand - ...And Anger Was A Warm Place To Hide CD (w/ scans of the s/t 7")
Withstand myspace #1 / Withstand myspace #2

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lament - Drowning Room 7"

If you're into Maximum Penalty, you might want to check out this 7" if you haven't already. Lament was a shortlived band in the early '90s which had several MP members in its line-up. Lament was even referred to as 'formerly Maximum Penalty' by Inner Journey Records which put out this 7" in 1991, as can be seen in the catalog flyer which came with this 7". Mark Sisto (MP, Breakdown) started the band, and MP guitarist Joseph Affe would join the line-up as well. By the time the 'Drowning Room' 7" was recorded, Mark had left the band already, just as Nick Vignapiano (who also did time in Social Disorder), another MP member at the time, but Joseph was still in the band.

Lament's sound was rooted in that early '90s metallic hardcore way, think of bands such as Enrage, Step Aside, Dismay, Only Living Witness (demo/first 7" era) and such... I'm not a fan of some of the vocals in 'I'll Save You' tho they're fine otherwise, but other than that this is a pretty solid 7". Especially opener 'Interreaction' is a raging song with a killer chorus and hard-as-nails back-up vocals. I have no clue if Lament released anything else, so if anybody has more information, leave a comment or something. They also released a full-length called 'Levitate' on Too Damn Hype (which I actually have, shot memory anybody?!)

Besides the Maximum Penalty connection, bassist Eric Morgan played in Mr.Pickle and First Order before Lament and eventually played bass on a Taylor Dane record! How's that for random trivia (and yes, I only know this because I read it on the Mr.Pickle myspace)... If anybody has any First Order material btw, hit me up! I have no idea what the other members from the 7" line-up did before or after Lament. Any info is welcome.

Lament - Drowning Room 7"