Sunday, July 5, 2015

Grin - Part Of Me 7"

Someone requested Grin's 'Part Of Me' 7" from 1989 recently, so here it is. It's not quite 90s but hey, I'm a nice guy, haha... Grin from Massachussets was formed out of the ashes of Apology, who did an EP on Wishingwell Records. As far as I know the 'Part Of Me' 7" is Grin's only recording. It was recorded in late 1988 and released the following year on Italian label Break Even Point Records (Endpoint, Naked Angels, Backlash, Growing Concern). Grin's 7" is in the vein of bands like Dag Nasty and some Endpoint, maybe adding some DC/emo influences here and there? In any case, decent stuff. Their singer, and also Apology's, was Mike Gitter who used to do XXX zine and who currently works as Vice President of A&R at Century Media Records! The always awesome did an interview with him recently, definitely check it out.

Members moved on to bands like Karate, Jones Very and Alloy.

Grin - Part Of Me 7"


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