Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Tearwater 7"

Tearwater was a band made up of teenagers from Monte Sereno, California, who released only a demo and this 7" as far as I know, and I even believe the 2 songs from the 7" were either taken from the demo or re-recorded demo-songs. Either way, I quite like this 7", with it's emo-ish metallic hardcore sound. Nothing too special, but it's good and pretty solid overall. It was released on Chapter Records in 1995. Chapter Records didn't release a lot during its existence, about 8 releases that I'm aware of, but they did release some awesome records such as the Canon 7" and the XEverlastX 7". This 7" doesn't come close to either one of those, but that's no surprise, is it? There is a mention in the insert of this 7" being released on CD as well, which never happened as far as I know, same as with the elusive MCD version of the Canon 7". Apparently Tearwater did record a full-length album tho, which was never released for whatever reason. If somebody knows if this is true and/or has these recordings, please let me know. After Tearwater ended, some members went on to other bands such as Ex-Ignota and Jejune. Enjoy!

Tearwater 7"

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JPC said...

check out - there seem to be more songs and another release.