Sunday, October 16, 2011

Dysphoria/Denile - split 7"

Here's somewhat of an oddity for Back Ta Basics Records, a 7" which has a printed cover on thick paper rather than the usual xeroxed covers on thin paper. The Dysphoria/Denile split 7" was released in 1997, and is still an awesome split which needs to be heard. Both bands were from PA and both sides of this 7" are great. Dysphoria's track, which was taken from their self-released 'Hope Without Reason' full-length (also from 1997), is simply awesome, it still gets me all pumped up to this day. Starting with a 'Repo Man' sample, it's got a killer bass-line and then the song is just all over the place, in the best of ways, with Gravity's hoarse vocals killing it. Love this track, and even tho it's my fave Dysphoria track, their other material is really good as well. Denile have 2 great tracks on here, except the sound is quite muffled which is a shame. They mixed chugga chugga hardcore with thrash metal influences and great aggressive vocals. It seems Denile was the more obscure and underrated band of the two, but don't let that stop you, they were an awesome band as well. There's still a Denile site around which has some info and mp3's for those who are interested. Expect some more Dysphoria and Denile posts in the future btw.

Dysphoria/Denile - split 7"


Fred said...

Yo dude, haven't been on your blog in a long time because of travelling.

This 7" rocks, Dysphoria is probably one of 90's PAHC most underrated band, their album is so great, crazy songwriting.

And yeah, that Repo Man sample, haha, gotta love it ! The Kiss Of Death sample on their album is a nice treat as well.

Good to get that stuff on mp3, I'll be waiting for your Denile post ! (got most of Dysphoria's material already, except the demo).

Keep up the uploads, I'm gonna take a bit of time to check out your other recent posts.

XemonerdX said...

Thanxxx man, glad you enjoy my posts! Hope you had a good time travelling.