Friday, June 10, 2011

Band profile: The Cold Front

There's a flourishing scene of cool new bands coming out of the greater Los Angeles area. I've already written about Colombian Necktie on 2 separate occasions here and here, but there are plenty more cool bands popping up over there like Confrontations and Seizures. Here's another band from that area, The Cold Front out of Long Beach, not to be confused with the old Cold Front from NYC obviously. The Cold Front released a demo in 2009 and are about to enter the studio again to record 5 new songs, and are playing shows regularly. The band plays modern hardcore similar to some of the Panic Records bands such as Another Breath and The Golden Age, with a few rough edges here and there. Nothing new or ground-breaking but they do this style well enough and with enough intensity that it keeps me interested and I would love to see this band live some day. I'm looking forward to hearing the new recordings which should be released sometime this summer. Hopefully on a 7" or something that I can add to my collection, haha.. Anyways, enjoy!

The Cold Front - 2009 demo
The Cold Front facebook

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