Sunday, September 19, 2010

Colombian Necktie

As much as I love '90s hardcore, I also love checking out new bands. It's good to know there are still bands popping up that keep me pumped and excited about hardcore. I recently got contacted by a band called Colombian Necktie, a new band out of Los Angeles, about their demo. They're definitely a band that excites me. Rather than taking the now-popular Terror-like and/or breakdown-heavy approach they're opting for a different approach (not that either of those styles are necessarily bad, just really popular right now). They're playing a mixture of dirty, thick & heavy metallic hardcore like Trap Them or Black Ships mixed with some melodic hardcore influences, most clear when they add subtle leads to their songs in various places. Together with the raw vocals, it's an awesome mix. There are 3 songs on this demo which are well-written and have some great lyrics as well. Any band that starts a song ('In Your Absence') with the lyrics 'Fuck your scene, fuck your look, fuck your originality, fuck you' is a keeper in my book. There's also an awesome build-up in 'Black Ash' that is garantueed to be a crowd-pleaser at their live-shows.

All in all, this is a great demo by a cool new band. So give it a shot and support a new band. The band is currently trying to get together & release a DIY split 7" with another great new band called They As In Them. I'm looking forward to this split and whatever else both bands will do in the future.

Colombian Necktie demo
Colombian Necktie myspace

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BenB said...

Loving this band!