Sunday, December 13, 2015

Through The Haze comp 7"

So here's another of many compilation 7"s that came out in the 90s: the 'Through The Haze' compilation 7", which was released by Overdose Records in 1994. It was Overdose's first release, they would do 7"s afterwards by bands like Disbelief and Time's Expired. Those bands aren't on here tho, this 7" has tracks by Eternal, Frail, Disregard and Temperance. Aside from Eternal, who plays full-on heavy metallic hardcore, the bands are on the emocore end of the spectrum, while still having that crunchy 90s sound. Disregard is easily the weakest band here, especially the vocals don't do it for me. The other three are all winners in my book, with Temperance doing almost a ballad like Strife's 'Slipping', not their best stuff but still decent enough, for me anyways, haha... Eternal did a couple of demo's (which I don't have, hint hint) but they never did a 7" or anything, which is a real shame, their song shreds. The other bands all have other releases out there, seek them out if you like what you hear. In any case, a solid compilation, so check it out!

BTW, the band order on the back of the 7" is wrong, Disregard and Temperance are switched on the 7" itself, which is the order I've used.

*edit* Awesome, Buske just posted Eternal's 1993 demo on his blog, An Attitude Exhumed!

Through The Haze comp 7"


Jeremy Watson said...

Been trying to track down german band elision releases for awhile. Thought you might be able to help. Only song ive ever heard was on that old area 51 comp on victory. Came across that again recently. Thanks for any help

Buske said...

Eternal, "Demo 1993" —

XemonerdX said...

Awesome man, thanxxx!!!