Sunday, April 21, 2013

One 4 One - Beyond Hate demo

It seems there are more than a few readers of OnexPath that are into NJ's One 4 One, so here's another One 4 One release, their 'Beyond Hate' demo from 1994. Great stuff again, it's a good mix between harder/tougher hardcore and more old school hardcore. I love this band, as I mentioned in my previous posts (here and here), there's something about them that really does it for me. Check those posts for more info. Some of the songs of this demo would later be re-recorded for their 'In Search Of' CD on Back Ta Basics Records. Enjoy!

One 4 One - Beyond Hate demo



how bout putting all of their stuff together and just making it one big post?
still missing:

In Search Of ‎
NJ Bloodline Split
I Won't Lose
A Season In Hell comp (2 tracks)

this would be beyond rad!

thanks again!

XemonerdX said...

Not a bad idea. I don't have the 'A Season In Hell' comp tho (nor their 'Version 2.0' CD, but that's more or less a comp of older material I believe?). Once I get my hands on those I'll see about doing a discography post, I got everything else.


so I managed to get my hands on

I won`t Lose

the NJ Bloodline split is nowhere to be found.

if you want me to send you the IWL Ep let me know.

XemonerdX said...

Nah dude I already have IWL (several copies even haha), thanxxx... Lemme see about ripping the NJBL split for you this week.



XemonerdX said...

Hey man... Here's the O4O/NJBL split: Enjoy!


Thank you sir!

Alonzo said...

This is cool!

- The Guttural Munk said...

I have V2.0 if you're still in need, would be happy to upload for you. I'm looking for a copy of In Search Of, would take mp3's but I have an original copy of 'Trust Is Lost' I'd be willing to trade if anyone can help out...

chinaski said...

Hi there,

looking desperately for "In Search Of...", anyone got this??

Those demos are repressed on tape in a couple of days btw.

Thanks a lot