Monday, January 16, 2012

Acid Snake

Acid Snake is a band from Brisbane, Australia which plays hardcore in the vein of bands such as Nails, Converge, Trap Them etc. They wear their influences on their sleeve, so if you like said bands, you will surely like this band as well. The vocals are raw and gritty, but expressive still. And the music rages while being diverse enough to keep my attention. I've heard a lot of bands do worse than Acid Snake in this style. In 2011 they released 2 EP's, 'Pariah' and 'The Sun Distortion Session'. Both of these are available from their Bandcamp page, tho I've also provided links to direct downloads which were given to me by the band. They're hoping to release an album sometime this year, hopefully that'll give them some more exposure. While OnexPath is definitely about 90s hardcore, and continues to be devoted to that era, I am also trying to keep up with current hardcore and there are exciting bands popping up every day. Acid Snake is one of them, so do support these guys if you like them.

Update: It appears that a few days after the band contacted me, the band folded unfortunately die to internal conflicts. Shame.

Acid Snake - The Sun Distortion Sessions EP
Acid Snake - Pariah EP
Acid Snake facebook

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