Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Shutdown - Demo 1996

Shutdown started out in NYC in 1994 and lasted till the early 2000's. They played a sweet mix of heavy NYC and more posi youth crew inspired hardcore, especially cuz of the more high-pitched vocals of Mark Scondotto. He's Mike Scondotto's little brother btw, who's known from bands such as Confusion and Inhuman. They've done a bunch of records including a split 7" with Indecision and several albums on Victory Records. This demo was done in 1996, and I believe 4 of these 5 songs ended up on the 'XDecideX' 7". The sound-quality is pretty shitty, but hey, it's a demo, take it or leave it.

As a sidenote, Shutdown is back together and even writing a new album according to their myspace. Sweet!

Shutdown - Demo 1996
Shutdown myspace


David said...

Great demo, I remember buy it on the small distro of Olivier, from RIGHT 4 LIFE. Great blog.
Mine here:

Anonymous said...

Please reup

XemonerdX said...