Thursday, September 10, 2009

Just Cause - No Barriers 7"

Absolutely awesome pounding hardcore from 1991. Just Cause was a hardcore band from Maryland which had a crossover/metal edge, similar to bands such as Edgewise ('Silent Rage' era). The first time I heard this band was on the 'A Change For The Better' compilation 7", which I posted a while ago. While their track on there didn't really stand out for me, I did manage to get 2 copies of their 'No Barriers' 7" shortly after posting the compilation, and it's great! Released on the same label as the compilation, Vicious Circle Records, these 4 songs pound away with fast hardcore parts and slower, mid-tempo 'mosh'-parts.

However, the main selling point of this 7" is the cover, as you can see. Can't beat that cover! A wolf wearing a leather jacket and a cap holding a spray can in his paw, the spray can having a laughing face with bulging eyes! Not to mention the graffity-style bandlogo. Yeah, it's weird, laughable, odd and great all at the same time, and somehow totally fits that era. That's the regular cover. My other copy however has one of the limited covers (#17/50), there were 5 different limited covers of 10 copies each, mine is the L7 one. Funnily enough, both covers have the wrong tracklist for side A. Both my copies are on maroon vinyl, the majority of the (1st and only) press was on black.

Here's a true lyrical gem (from 'Tolerance') that just begs for you to love this band:
The minds of the world are closed
And mine is too
I'm only aware of my own ignorance
And that others are ignorant too
We live in a great country
The greatest in the land
But it's nowhere near perfect
'Cause all I have to do is look around
Anyways, if anybody knows anything else about this band, such as a discography or what the members did before/after Just Cause, please leave me a comment! I'm digging this 7", hard. Enjoy!

Just Cause - No Barriers 7"



Awesome 7"! Thanks for posting, as always. Love this blog...

Ellis said...

WOW! I have this on 7" but it's all scratched to hell. I caught these guys a few times when I was living in DC in the early 90s. "Why" and "Catch 22" still play in my head to this day. Thanks for uploading this!

Unknown said...

Having trouble downloading this, links seem to be dead.

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

any chance of a re-up?

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped, enjoy!

BruceX said...

bro,thank you so very much for this,amaizing!!!!

Anonymous said...

Definitely saw these guys a couple of times in DC way back when. Would love to grab this if you could re-up.

XemonerdX said...


Anonymous said...

The guitar player for Just Cause went on to play in Gut Instinct in 1991 for the last year of their existence. He also played a show with Gut Instinct in the late 90's for a reunion in DC, as well as again in the latter-00's.
This 7", along with demo sessions/outtakes/comp tracks ended up on a Just Cause discography cd about 10 years ago as a limited release for a reunion show they played with Gut Instinct in 2006 in Baltimore.