Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trapped In Life - What Have I Done? demo

In the mid to late '90s the French hardcore scene had a number of great hardcore bands that played a tough NYHC style. I already wrote about A Way Of Life from Rennes, but I could've easily written about a number of other bands. So expect more French hardcore on this blog!

This time I'm writing about Trapped In Life from Paris. They got together in 1996 and together with Drowning they presented the harder and tougher side of Paris hardcore. In 1997 they did the 'What Have I Done?' demo. Singer Julien's dark, self-loathing lyrics and the hard metallic hardcore were right up my alley. Their real strength was on the stage though, I've seen some great TIL shows in Belgium and the Netherlands.

After the demo Trapped In Life released the 'Inside Shadows' MCD on R.P.P. (which features a re-recording of 'Neglect' from the demo), the 'Blood & Gold' MCD on Final Beatdown and the '12 Icons' CD on Good Life. Members of Trapped In Life went on to bands such as We Animals! and Mass Hysteria.

EDIT, August 8 2009: Thanxxx to the person commenting that something had gone wrong with the mp3's and that I had upped only part of the demo and then some random music. I re-ripped the demo and re-upped it immediately. I'm terribly sorry I didn't notice this straight away!

Here's the video for 'C-16: Blood & Gold' from their 'Blood & Gold' MCD.

Trapped In Life - What Have I Done? demo


Fred said...

Thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

halfway the second song, it turns over to something else, for the rest of the demo, so actually only the first song and half the second are Trapped In Life... just so you'd know ;-)

XemonerdX said...

Holy shit, I can't believe that happened :( I'm terribly sorry! I just re-ripped and re-upped the demo. It should have all the songs now, I double-checked every track. Thanxxx for letting me know and please accept my apologies!

MiXX said...

OMFG my childhood friend recorded this demo.

Hahaha this is amazing, i used to be friend with Julien, Gégé & Yaourt, bad reputation really nice guys.

Yaourt was the musically talented one in this band, after mass hysteria he went to sell shitload of records (yeah i know crazy) with this project (he's the one at the piano)

Cedric said...

WTF !!! I recorded it with a very small set of gears but 10 years later it's not so bad !!!
Thanks a lot man .... I don't where is the Fucking master ;)
8trk analog and Mackie desk in live