Wednesday, December 14, 2016

New blood: Surrounded By Sins (France)

When it comes to metallic and dark hardcore, France has a long & rich history. I've written before about my love for A Way Of Life, one of the bands from the infamous KDS crew scene out of Rennes. And of course there's Kickback, the almighty Kickback. Not for the faint of heart, they were d-a-r-k and in many ways were pioneers of not just the French metallic hardcore scene, but Europe's. They have also inspired countless bands, also in France. Including two faves, Cowards (who are not exactly 'new', but please do check them out) and Surrounded By Sins.

Hailing from Le Havre & Rouen, Surrounded By Sins have been playing for a couple of years but are still fairly unknown outside of France. They did an awesome demo back in 2014, and have just released their first record, the 'Hope Is Raped' 12" on Terrain Vague Records... Which features what is probably my fave song of 2016, 'Grain'. I cannot tell you how psyched that song makes me. But the entire 12" is bloody awesome... It's just too damn short with only 5 songs (and an intro)... This 6-man band has 2 singers who both destroy their vocal chords over crazy and vicious metallic hardcore/grind that at times reminds not only of (later) Kickback but also bands like Rise & Fall, Cursed and such... Really impressive stuff. Hopefully I'll get a chance to catch this band live some time. In any case, don't sleep on this band!

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