Saturday, November 26, 2016

One 4 One - In Search Of CD

One 4 One is not exactly a new name for this blog, I've already posted about this NJHC band several times, here, here and here. So check out those posts for more information on One 4 One. Anyways, recently someone DM'd me on Instagram about One 4 One's 'In Search Of' album, asking me if I have it. And I do... So, here's another One 4 One post, hah...

The 'In Search Of' CD was released in 1996 on Rick Ta Life's Back Ta Basics label, and has new songs as well as re-recordings of songs taken from their demo's and the 'I Won't Lose' 7", and an Agnostic Front cover ('Discriminate Me'). Their 'I Won't Lose' 7" was my introduction to the band, and they re-recorded my fave track of that 7", and one of my fave One 4 One songs overall, 'What Went Wrong'. Still love that song. And this band, hah! Anyways, I'll keep it short, if you want to read some more of my thoughts on this band, check out the older posts linked above. Enjoy!

One 4 One - In Search Of CD

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Colin B said...

toevallig had ik deze ook nog niet, helemaal mooi !