Saturday, May 16, 2015

Cloudburst - '98 demo

I posted Cloudburst's 7" a few weeks ago here, and afterwards Sam from the excellent UK band Renounced contacted me that he had their demo. He was kind enough to part with it, so I ripped it.
The band was still called Cloud Burst at this stage, but they already played the style of their later material. Great demo in the same vein as their 7", a mix of metallic hardcore with more emo/screamo influences. If you enjoy their 7", definitely check out the demo as well. Now I definitely need to get their split 10" with Anomie!

Cloudburst - '98 demo


david said...

Hi XemonerdX

Thanks for the incredible Cloudburst demo.
If you are still after the split 10" with Acrimonie, I can make a rip of mine and send it to you.
Just let me know.

Cheers !

XemonerdX said...

Thanxxx for the offer! I will definitely get the 10" sometime soon, it doesn't seem to hard to come by, and I do prefer physical records, heh... However, feel free to rip it anyways and post a link here, I would be grateful and so would others no doubt!

Anonymous said...


XemonerdX said...


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