Sunday, April 7, 2013

Crosscurrent (MN)

Not to be confused with the other Crosscurrent I posted a while ago, this band from Minneapolis, MN was pretty short-lived, and had Chad Dziewior (Threadbare, Downside, The Judas Factor, ...) on guitar. I don't know much about this band to be honest and I am not even sure they did any other recording besides their 'Injustice Is A Symptom Of Institutionalized Oppression' demo from 1992, which features an intro and 2 songs.  The band was formed shortly after the L.A. riots began, as explained on the 7" which contains the same recording as the demo, and the lyrics deal with that as well.

The 7" was released in 1993 on Old World Records out of Germany. Crosscurrent played great early '90s newschool hardcore. Besides Chad Dziewior I have no idea who the other band members were or what they did before/after this band. It would appear Crosscurrent was a short-lived project used to release some frustration and anger more than anything else. Either way, I'm quite into these songs, so give it a chance, just keep in mind both downloads are the exact same recording, one released on tape, the other on 7". Enjoy!

Crosscurrent - 'Injustice Is A Symptom Of Institutionalized Oppression' demo
Crosscurrent - s/t 7"


Anonymous said...

hey could you re up that neglect en public ep? thanks

XemonerdX said...

Hey anon, I re-upped the Neglect 7", enjoy!

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot man