Monday, March 7, 2011

Crosscurrent - Life Dictates Pain 7"

Ever since I got to know Pin Drop Records thru Holdstrong's 1st 7" and the 'Together As One' compilation 7", I've had a soft spot for the label (which was run by one of the guys in Holdstrong). Releasing bands such as Grimlock and Die My Will doesn't hurt either! Anyways, here's one of the bands that they released that's lesser known, Crosscurrent, who were coincidentally also on the 'Together As One' compilation. Hailing from Waldham, MA, they played heavy and tough hardcore with great shouted vocals and a nice crunch in the guitar sound. Not a classic 7" by any means, but solid nonetheless and I still enjoy this 7". This 7" was released in 1995 and apart from at least one demo that I know of, and the aforementioned compilation I don't know any other release this band did. Some members moved on to 7th Rail Crew, and one of the guys also did some time in Grimlock if I'm correct. Either way, check it out.

Crosscurrent - Life Dictates Pain 7"


CB said...

Thanks for the memories. I am glad you enjoyed it. We had fun making it. Truth is, it was pure - at least to us. We had all the best intentions and all the worst recordings :0)

That was a great time for music and it is still fairly mind blowing that anybody would remember it. We were a bunch of kids trying to do what we thought was the right way to do music - play from the heart (regardless of how talented your heart may or may not be) and put your back into it. That was it.

Music is like a tattoo - think about it first and realize, in one way or another, this will be with you forever. If you believe in what you do, or your "tattoo" if you will, you will never regret it.

CB - guitar - crosscurrent

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