Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Breed/Extinction - s/t 7"

Here's the first release by Breed/Extinction, a band from Connecticut which was around from the late 90s till 2005 or so. They played a great and heavy style of screamo. Apparently the band shared members with or had ex- members of Catharsis, but I'm not sure. This 7" was self-released by the band in 1999 and is awesome, I love it. It also comes with an essay about money, greed and the virtue of living your life doing what you want to do, personal wealth over monetary wealth. Besides this 7" they also released a split 12" with The Awakened and a MCD/12" called 'Alaska', and they also appeared on a few comps including the Inside Front #14 compilation (IF's final issue). Great stuff and if anybody wants to part with the other Breed/Extinction releases, do get in touch! After the band folded members moved on to a band called Thieves.

Breed/Extinction - s/t 7"


Fred said...

Hey, could you please re-up this? I cand find it anywhere else. Thanks!

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can you get the split with awakened???