Sunday, February 19, 2012

Polyglot - Industrial Strength Child Killer MCD

I wrote about Polyglot from Maine very briefly in my post on Fall From Grace, cuz they did a split 7" with them. I was more into the FFG side of the split, so didn't really keep up with Polyglot. That doesn't mean that the split 7" was all they did. Here's a 4-song MCD they did on Bull Moose Music, which was the label of a Portland, ME record store of the same name that Polyglot's singer worked at. This MCD is actually pretty decent, and I prefer it over their side of the FFG split 7". Pretty hard & rough hardcore, similar to bands such as Hatebreed, Holdstrong and such. They were quite big in their homestate of Maine but I guess they didn't tour/play much outside of the Northeast, they didn't seem to get much attention elsewhere. I don't even know what else they did besides that split 7" and this MCD... At least one member of Polyglot would eventually do some time in Blood For Blood. Also, after the last song there's some silence and then there's a cover of The Cars' 'Just What I Needed'. Enjoy!

Polyglot - Industrial Strength Child Killer MCD


Shoebox said...

They did a demo tape before this which was actually just three of the songs from this CD. And apparently they recorded a couple of things after the split 7" but I don't believe it was ever released.

I liked these guys a lot. Saw 'em at Pearl Street in Northampton a handful of times and once at the Espresso Bar in Worcester.

Which of them was in Blood For Blood? I didn't know about that.

Nice to see someone else remembers who the hell they were!


XemonerdX said...

Thanxxx for the additional info, man, didn't know about the unreleased recordings... Ian, the guitarist, played in B4B for a while. Dunno if he's on any recordings tho.

andrewhager said...

I'm pretty sure Polyglot made a tape after the Fall From Grace split with a couple of songs. They might have given the tapes out for free or something. Those guys were great. Jaye, the singer went on to play in a couple of good bands. He played bass in the surfy band 13 Ghosts and in Cops & Robbers with Micah from Pinkerton Thugs.

Anonymous said...

re-up please

XemonerdX said...


gadjeep said...

Saw these guys play at the club I worked at in old town maine originally called the penny post and later Heavy's. Miss that old school HC sound. Gregg DeBeck