Saturday, August 27, 2011

Worlds Collide - All Hope Abandon

Worlds Collide was an awesome, and I feel underrated, hardcore band from the DC/MD area in the early '90s. The most well-known person in the band was Ken Olden, who's also known for his other bands such as Battery, When Tigers Fight and Damnation AD. However, Worlds Collide remains my fave Ken Olden band, and has been pretty much since I first heard Worlds Collide on an old Lost & Found Records compilation (with Damnation AD as a close second, also amazing). Anyways, after a few studio & live recordings in the early '90s, which were compiled on the 'Pain Is Temporary' CD (which Chip posted here), they recorded their first, and only, full-length album 'All Hope Abandon' in early 1993. It was originally released on LP by Watermark Records that same year. In 1995 Lost & Found Records re-released it on CD, with a completely different layout, which makes me think it wasn't one of their most legit re-releases (what a surprise!). It would also be the last Worlds Collide recording unfortunately.

Anyways, the album contains re-recordings of 'Faces' and 'Any Worse' from the demo/'Pain Is Temporary', and 6 new tracks. All in all, an awesome album and a great follow-up to their earlier material, even tho I prefer their older material. These songs are a bit more metal, more intricate and layered than the old stuff (check the second half of 'Faces' for a good example, which wasn't part of the original version). For some reason it seems this album has a bad rep, but I don't care, I love it. Not as much as the older Worlds Collide material, but still, awesome stuff from start to finish. I ripped the CD, but also included pics of the LP version with the download. My scanner's too small for LP's and large inserts, so these pics are taken with my low-end camera. The CD version contains a 'hidden' track after some minutes of silence after the last track 'Any Worse', which is a cover of John Fogerty's 'The Old Man Down The Road'. It's not on the original LP. Members have since played in bands such as Battery, Damnation AD, Bluetip, Seven Gone, The Whips and a bunch more. Enjoy!
I've just seen a face
A mirror of my own
All polish with no substance
Worlds Collide - All Hope Abandon


Anonymous said...

i love worlds collide!


Great band, indeed. "Object of Desire" is still my favorite of their songs. The RIFFS!!!

Fred said...

Awesome discovery, I had never heard of that band before, really good stuff. That's the type of cd that I'm gonna try to put my hands on a proper version.

I have to check out their previous material as well, seems to be good all around.

Anonymous said...

thanks man :-)