Sunday, August 7, 2011

Neglect - '91-'92 demo

I've already blogged about Neglect before, when I posted their En Public live 7". I decided to post another Neglect gem today, their '91-'92 demo. While this demo has been re-released on a couple of Neglect releases, this here is the genuine article. I've ripped it straight from tape and scanned the insert. I haven't seen too many of these around, so I'm pretty stoked I have one. Neglect was an amazing and unique hatecore band and this was their first studio demo after doing a rehearsal demo in 1991. As said, this demo would be re-released as a 7" by Motherbox Records in 1995 and also on the 'Four Years Of Hate' 2xLP/2xCD by Gain Ground Records in 1996. However, those were re-mastered (which is most apparent in 'Horror Struck') and the 7" doesn't include 'Mind Games' while 'Four Years Of Hate' doesn't include the tiny bit of goofing around that's right after 'Mind Games' on the demo. So enjoy the demo, in its original form. Awesome stuff, by an awesome band.

Neglect - '91-'92 demo
Neglect myspace


Fred said...

Thanks a lot, gotta love your Neglect !

Elliott said...

yo! could you put this back up??

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