Monday, June 6, 2011

Strength Thru Pain - D.C. Hardcore 1996 demo

Don't let the 'D.C. Hardcore' title of this demo fool you, this has very little to do with the Dischord bands usually associated with the term 'D.C hardcore'. This is tough mid-tempo hardcore from DC/Virginia, plain and simple. If you like bands like With One Intent, Punch The Klown or Next Step Up, you will dig this too. As usual with this style, I picked this up at the RPP distro back in the day. Nothing too amazing, but a pretty solid and enjoyable demo nonetheless. Not a lot else to say really since I know pretty much nothing about this band. I think the singer did a label called Moosestyle Records after the band ended? No clue if they did anything else or if the members did any other bands, so if you have any info, please leave a comment. Enjoy!

Strength Thru Pain - D.C. Hardcore 1996 demo
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Man, I dig this. Reminds me of Neglect, and that's a VERY good thing, ha, ha. I'm surprised I've never heard of these guys before since I'm from VA.

Anonymous said...

Hey, what's up! I played guitar for this band and wrote most of the lyrics/music. Awesome to see this end up on One Path...

I'd offer more info but we really didn't do shit while we were around. Recorded this demo and played a show a few months later. Still some great times. We basically got hammered @ every practice and listened to music all night (Neglect was ALWAYS in the shuffle). Did that for about a year before finally splitting up.

Like you said, the singer went on to form Moosetyle Records which released a few HC discs in the late 90s.

The drummer is in an 80s tribute band called The Legwarmers. I hear their shows are fun as hell so check them out if you're ever in the DC/Bmore area.

I got a project called The Screwballz that I fuck with on occassion. Not as heavy as STP. More of a straight forward HC sound with some punk/Oi! thrown in for good measure.

The bassist is an illustration artist in NYC. You can check out his work here...

The other guitarist moved away in the late 90s to focus on a solid professional career.

Anyways..... thanks for the trip down memory lane. And keep doing what you do. Good to see that 90s Hardcore is getting the proper mention it deserves. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

could you repost this demo

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped, enjoy!