Sunday, June 12, 2011

25 Ta Life - Live In Aachen, Germany, June 11th, 1998 tape

Say what you will about Rick Ta Life or his bands, but old 25 Ta Life rules, plain and simple, both live and on record. Maybe he's become a caricature of himself nowadays, but just check out his stuff on the old NYHC documentary to see someone who's super passionate about hardcore, gotta respect that. Here's a live-tape of a show 25 Ta Life played in Aachen, Germany in 1998. An old friend of mine, Job, used to be a tour-manager in the '90s and early 00's. He happened to be one on this tour as well, so in typical Rick Ta Life fashion there's a shout-out to him at this show, haha. Anyways, this live-tape was released by Lockdown Records, a small label which was run by a local guy called Stefan Maassen, who's still around in the German scene. The sound-quality is quite decent for a DIY tape release, so if you're into 25 Ta Life, you will definitely enjoy this one.

I've ripped it as a single 40 minute mp3, here's the setlist:
  1. Wise To Da Game
  2. Loose Wit Da Truth
  3. Short Fuse
  4. Where It Begins
  5. Make It Work
  6. Crucified (Agnostic Front/Iron Cross)
  7. Strength Through Unity
  8. A Bullet For Every Enemy
  9. Loyal To Tha Grave
  10. Took My Kindness
  11. Keepin It Real
  12. Turning Point
25 Ta Life - Live In Aachen, Germany, June 11th, 1998



thanks for this man.i always enjoy reading this blog.i also like poeple saying positive things about 25 ta life.i almost think there are only haterz around.and thanks fot his tape.never heard of it.

emptyhandspvd said...

ditto. props.

Anonymous said...

....thanks for this - this made me laugh real loud when a friend of mine uploaded the link on facebook .
...funny that someone still cares about this ...
i just asked RICK TA LIFE if i can record the show and do a tape of it - he said yes - no problem ...
i made a couple of these and spread them all over the world ....