Friday, August 13, 2010

Profound Effect - 'Lashing Out' CD

Here's the full-length of this short-lived 'NYHC supergroup'. Apparently featuring members of S.F.A., Yuppicide, Warzone, Die 116 and Rejuvenate, this band is hard as nails. While not as good as some of their older bands, nor sounding like them really, Profound Effect's album is definitely too good to pass up. A very dark, heavy and raw metal/hardcore hybrid with tough, burly vocals and no melody whatsoever. Also, the usage of samples in some of the songs is killer, they really add to the grim & cold atmosphere of the music. One weird track tho is 'Represent', which is essentially a spoken thanks-list, no joke. The album was released in 1995 on their own D-10 Hard Recordings label in the US and on the infamous Lost & Found Records in Europe (whether it was a legit release or not, I have no idea).

I don't know if the band ever really got out and played or if it was merely a project? Doesn't matter, at least they left us with this album. Lost & Found also put one of the tracks from the CD, 'One In The Chamber', on a split 7" with Killing Time. The same track also appears on several compilations. I don't think Profound Effect did anything else tho? Either way, great CD.

I scanned the layouts of both versions of the CD and included them with the download. Notice how the L&F layout is almost identical to the D-10 layout, but with different fonts and other fairly minor changes.

Profound Effect - Lashing Out CD


Fred said...

Thanks a lot, it's a good album.

Sounds like a doomy version of the first Biohazard albums or something. I really like the atmopshere they manage to create on here, a good discovery !

xbojanx said...

Finally someone uploaded this!!! ;) Thanx! One in a Chamber is one of the heaviest songs ever :))

Anonymous said...

link was removed please reupload

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Milos said...

Hi there :)
Would you be so kind to reupload this unbelieveable ambum once again?
I have it only on tape, very poor quality.

Thanx in advance!

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped! Sorry for the delay, I was out of the country.

Anonymous said...

Please, re-up!

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tito said...

Sorry to bother you, the link is gone again.
Could you re-upload it once more..? :)