Monday, May 3, 2010

Thoughts Of Ionesco - s/t 7"

Yesterday, I finally watched the 'For An End' documentary DVD that comes with the 'The Scar Is Our Watermark' CD by Detroit maniacs Thoughts Of Ionesco. Amazing documentary about an awesome band, intense & insane does not even begin to describe this band. Fucking art. I've been into this band since the late '90s when I first heard them on their '...And Then There Was Motion' LP. One of the most self-destructive, pained and intense bands of the '90s. I'm not gonna write much more about them or their music, but I'll just quote part of a biography of theirs that says it all:
The trio, whose collective mental stability was often called into question by even those close to them, was most often compared to My War-era Black Flag, mixing hatred and aggression with super-heavy riffs, free jazz exploration, a brutal live show, and hefty doses of nihilism, self-loathing, and pure masochistic rage to produce a sound wholly challenging and frequently misunderstood. Thoughts of Ionesco were in a class of their own; their performances were notoriously destructive -- instruments were smashed in minutes, walls were kicked in, blood was shed, bottles were thrown -- as the bandmembers showed absolutely no regard for themselves or the "fans" they couldn't be bothered to care about. For them, only the music mattered.
Here is their 1st 7", from 1996, released on Cascade Records.

Edit: The 7" is still available from Cascade Records. Get it here.

Thoughts Of Ionesco - s/t 7"
Thoughts Of Ionesco myspace


thuglifebaldwin said...

saw them 3 times. the first time was with assuck and acrid in a basement in 1997....their bassist threw up all over himself from playing so hard (at least thats what i thought) the other two times where insane as well

Anonymous said...

They were one of the best. Those records still hold up. Never seen this 7", though.

Sean H. said...

This release is officially available on the Cascade Bandcamp page:

Can you please remove this blog post?
Sean H.