Sunday, August 23, 2009

Beneath The Remains MCD & split 7" with Punch The Klown

After posting the Beneath The Remains 'Self Destruction' demo, someone requested a post of their other releases. So here are the other BTR releases I have, the 'Quest Of The Lost Souls' MCD and the split 7" with Punch The Klown from Brockton, MA.

The 'Quest Of The Lost Souls' MCD was released in 1998 on RPP Records out of Belgium. It has got 4 new tracks and re-recordings of 2 songs from the 'Self Destruction' demo. The recording quality has definitely improved over the demo, but I still prefer the rawness of the demo. The demo version of 'Last Breath', their best song, is so much stronger than the MCD version. Either way, they definitely deserved a proper release, and I feel RPP was the perfect label for them.

The split 7" with Punch The Klown was also released in 1998, on Back Ta Basics, Rick ta Life's label. The cover and insert have the same shitty xeroxed 'quality' that most of the BTB 7"'s have unfortunately. But at the same time, there was something about those BTB 7"'s, band-wise Rick did manage to put out records by a lot of good bands. The Beneath The Remains songs are probably their most (death-)metal ones, especially cuz Cesar grunts more on here than on their other releases. Good stuff, would definitely liked to have this band do more releases. The Punch The Klown songs are great. Mid-tempo heavy hardcore with several people in the band doing vocals, ranging from spoken to shouted to raw vocals. Really good stuff! Expect a separate Punch The Klown post in the future!

Beneath The Remains - Quest Of The Lost Souls MCD
Beneath The Remains / Punch The Klown split 7"
Beneath The Remains myspace
Punch The Klown myspace



beneath the remains is a kick ass band!and you are completely right when you say that BTB releases look like shit^^copied thin paper in black & white ,but hey some great releases he put out and I really like him!
just bought the WAR TIME MANNER/2x4 split on btb!
thanks for the split!

Fred said...

Excellent post as always, can't wait for the Punch The Klown post haha.

I agree with what Huanshoahnn said, bTB release were not good looking, but he still released awesome bands !!

Fred said...

I just got one copy for 5 euros at Ieperfest, along with a bunch of other 90's rarities, that made my week-end !

PS : 108 killed it live, intense show !

XemonerdX said...

Fred, I was also at Ieperfest, heh... 108 were awesome, I agree, I also loved Disembodied's set. Sounds like you got some sweet records, which is always great! 90s hardcore rules, hahaha...

Fred said...

I was only there on saturday, I really would have liked to see Disembodied as well but me and my friends could't stay there.

The Genet distro had some 90's style for cheap, the 4 way split on Inner Rage with BTR, Undeground Society ... and cd's of Dysphoria and Groundzero among others.

I love 90's hardcore as you figured out, that's why I follow your blog hehe. Are you also going to the Some Hardcore Fest next week-end ?

With Kickback, Arkangel, Rise & Fall among others, it sounds promising !

XemonerdX said...

Yeah Genet had some great stuff! I tried to stay away from their tables tho, already bought too many records recently :)

I'm not going to Some HC, but it definitely has a great line-up. I might be at Death Before Dishonor's show in Mol on the 7th tho. Have fun!

Anonymous said...

can you make a post about One Last Sin (NY metalcore band)?

Anonymous said...

Hello! Please reupload Beneath the Remains MCD and excuse me for offtop upload Dying Breed - Take My Soul...Give Me Grave!!!

XemonerdX said...

Re-upped. And I don't have that Dying Breed album, sorry.

Anonymous said...