Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dissolve - Demo '93

The first time I heard Dissolve was their self-titled 7" on Endless Fight Records. After loving the Catharsis 7" and the Over The Edge II compilation released on the label, I figured I'd be into whatever the label would release. So I picked up the 7" blindly, and loved it right from the start. It is one awesome 7"! You can check it out over at Coregasm, which also has a nice write-up on the band. EMS's description is pretty good: "The music had weird elements, influences, and time signatures not unlike Deadguy / Kiss It Goodbye mixed with some Bloodlet and at times they even remind me of a more metallic Econochrist for some weird reason... but the vocal delivery was totally different than those bands." A truly unique band. Their releases were, and still are, pretty hard to come by, I eventually managed to score a copy of the Dismantle CD, but that was it until a few years ago.

A few years ago I managed to get this Dissolve demo. It's their second demo from 1993, but as it turns out this is the 1997 re-release. I don't know who did this re-release, the band or someone else, but either way, they did an awkward job on this one. The demo-tape itself is a professionally printed red tape. However, the cover is badly xeroxed and does not match the quality of the tape at all. Which makes me think there were good covers printed/made but somehow more tapes were printed or something along those lines. There are a couple of instances with half a second of some other (pop?) recording on the tape, I'm not sure if they were also part of the original 1993 demo. Either way, I left them in the rips, they're at the ends of Avalanche and Nomad. ither way, if anybody has a good cover, and possibly lyrics or such, do let me know! I'm also game for the original demo and their first demo, Rebirth Of Thought, or the self-released Graverobber EP. You catch my drift.

Anyways, this is one awesome demo! 7 Songs, a combined length of almost half an hour, and it's all quality stuff! Seriously, this band could've been huge... no, should have been huge. Do yourself a favor and download the demo. And while you're at it, even though most of their stuff is hard to come by, their 2000 CD, Caveman Of The Future, was recently, finally!, released on Trip Machine Laboratories. So do yourself a favor and get it!

Dissolve - Demo '93
Dissolve myspace

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Paul Thorstenson said...

Hey, I'm the singer for this band. Thank you for this great write-up. You are pretty much dead on about the re-release, the original covers were on good quality paper and were pretty sharp. I don't have any more, or I would send you one. I also do not have the Rebirth.. demo, but that sucks anyway. All of the graverobber ep songs are also on the Caveman record, just different versions.
We still get back together from time to time. In fact, we are playing a show in Poughkeepsie on July 30th at the Chance. We're also going to write a new album. Might take a while, though..