Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Triphammer - 1997 demo

I received this demo from Sean XClearX after writing him about the XClearX 7". He sent me this demo along with a letter. I don't have the letter anymore, but I still have this demo. And an awesome demo it is.

With an average length of over 5 minutes, these 6 songs have little to do with youth crew hardcore. Heavy, mid-tempo metalcore with frustration and hate filled vocals. Think Painstake meets Bloodlet. The Salt Lake City scene has spawned a number of great bands, but Triphammer is definitely right up there, together with Lifeless.

After the demo, Triphammer released an equally awesome CD on Life Sentence Records, which you can check out here.

Triphammer - 1997 demo


xjustinx said...

I'm so stoked that you posted this. I've never heard anything but the full length on Life Sentence. These guys were great both times I got to see them play.

Terrence LeBeau said...

Hey I was wondering if there's a chance that you could fix the link. I really want to hear this, or if you have it zipped you could email it to me. Thanks!!

XemonerdX said...