Saturday, May 26, 2018

Holdstrong - Pursuit In The Face Of Misfortune 7"

I posted Holdstrong's 1st 7" 'Gaining Ground' several years ago. A comment was left not too long ago, asking for a rip of their 2nd 7", 'Pursuit In The Face Of Misfortune'. So here it is. Released in 1997 on Pin Drop Records which was run by one of the band members, this is some seriously good crunchy and heavy 90s hardcore with lyrics about believing in oneself and challenging the world. I never really understood how Holdstrong never got the recognition they deserved, and I still don't. Anyways, check out the old post for some more thoughts on the band, and then mosh it and sing along up to their 7"s. I know I am. Enjoy!
Taught! Told! Shaped! Instilled!
Taught! Told! Break! Instilled!
Holdstrong - Pursuit In The Face Of Misfortune 7"


Anonymous said...

all uploads not working .

XhcnoirX said...

Re-upped! And yes, inactivity will cause links to expire, nothing I can do about that.