Saturday, May 25, 2013


After my post on the Hudson Hardcore Volume 1 compilation tape here, a comment was left asking if somebody had Implicate's 'Sworn Anomie' CD. Well I do, so here it is, as well as their self-titled 7". The cd was released by the band themselves in 1998, and is really solid from start to finish, great 90s metallic NYHC. Their dual vocals approach really worked for them, the vocals differ quite a bit which helps ofcourse. The 3 tracks that appeared on the Hudson Hardcore comp were taken from this CD, with 4 additional tracks. An underrated album.

Their self-titled 7" was released on Penske Material out of California, in 1999. By that time one of the singers had left the band, so there's only one singer on this recording. Not that it matters a lot, the 7" is great as well. They re-recorded 2 songs and added 2 new ones. Good stuff still, but the lack of the additional voice makes it stand out a bit less than their CD. But overall, Implicate were an underrated upstate NY band, so check it out.If anybody has any info on the band, please leave a comment.

Implicate - Sworn Anomie CD
Implicate - s/t 7"


Anonymous said...

cool post! have you something by Thoughts Of Ionesco? (discography maybe?? ok im dreaming haha)


XemonerdX said...

Alex, I posted TOI's 1st 7" a while ago here:

Anonymous said...

yep,thanks man - i personally dig more the first lp but the ep is pretty solid stuff