Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Unavowed - Anathema demo

Here's a demo by Unavowed, a hardcore band from Minneapolis, MN. This demo was released in 1998 and contains 4 songs. Fairly straight-forward east coast hardcore, it reminds me of Toe Tag (Boston, not the one from Florida) in places. Not bad, but nothing exceptional either. The last song is called 'I.T.I.', I can only assume it stands for Intent To Injure, but who knows? Anyways, it's a decent enough demo, so check it out. Information on this band is pretty damn hard to find and the insert that comes with this demo also doesn't help much either unfortunately. So if anybody can give me any more information on this band and/or its members, please leave a comment. Thanxxx!

Unavowed - Anathema demo


oliqccity said...

The withstand disco and some troy stuff please

XhcnoirX said...

Oliqccity, I posted Withstand here:
as well as a Cutthroat CD here:

Anonymous said...

Www.theunavowed. Com

Joe Syph said...

That link is not us. I can't really remember a lot about the guys except that Josh and Steve were in another Mpls Hardcore band prior to this but the name escapes me. Somewhere I have an official Bio in the many boxes of band shit that I have. Steve was one of the guys that ran 1% Records. I left to concentrate on my other band The Coffin Cheaters and we never spoke again. I.T.I. stands for Intelligence Thru Ignorance.

Cheers Joel!