Friday, July 3, 2009

A Change For The Better comp 7"

Named after the Gut Instinct song 'Vicious Circle', a track from the 'Disturbing The Peace' 7" recording session that didn't make it on the 7", Vicious Circle Records started in 1989/1990 by Dave Brown, who also did Take A Stand fanzine. Together with Bombshell fanzine he released the 'A Change For The Better' compilation 7" in 1991, which was Vicious Circle's first release. Dave Brown is also the author/photographer of 'Adult Crash', a photobook detailing the hardcore scene in the DC/MD area over a 20 year period. I haven't seen it yet, but from what I heard and read it's quite nicely done with great shots, plus it comes with a free 7". So check that out!

The bands featured on here are Gut Instinct (MD), Step Aside (VA), Just Cause (MD), Face Value (OH) and Endpoint (KY). The A-side features the 'harder' side with the first 3 bands, the B-side the more 'melodic' side with Face Value and Endpoint. The stand-out track for me is Step Aside's track 'Show Me The Way', which reminds me of bands of that era such as Dmize, Enrage and Judgement Day in the way it mixes metal and hardcore. Good stuff. I'm still looking for their 7", also released on Vicious Circle. The production of the Gut Instinct track is pretty bad unfortunately, it might actually be from a rehearsal tape or something. Just Cause's track is pretty decent but nothing special. Face Value is always great and Endpoint's track is also featured on their 'Catharsis' album and at that time Endpoint were still amazing (I don't really care for their last records). Unfortunately there's a click right at the end of the Endpoint track that I am unable to remove, sorry! Also, the insert is too large for my scanner, so I scanned each band-section separately. Enjoy!

A Change For The Better comp 7"


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