Sunday, January 14, 2018

Wrecking Crew 1993 7"

Here's a request, Wrecking Crew's self-titled 7" from 1993. When it comes to Boston's hardcore outfit Wrecking Crew it appears most people tend to focus on their older output: the self-titled 7" from 1988 and the 'Balance Of Terror' LP from 1989. I can't blame them, both are great records. But Wrecking Crew continued into the '90s, even beyond 1991, despite what the title of the '1987 - 1991' compilation CD released on Bridge Nine about a decade ago might imply.

In that year, the band went through a rough phase and saw several line-up changes, with original singer Glenn Dudley and guitarist John Darga eventually being replaced by Nathan Elgin James and Nick Clancy respectively. With this line-up the band would record a 1993 demo, which was re-released as a self-titled 7" that same year on local label Sonic Aggression Records. Excellent hard & rough hardcore that can more than go toe to toe with their older songs. The sound is a slight departure from their older sound, and not just cuz of the new singer, but for my money, it's just as strong as their older material. But it didn't help the band a lot, Wrecking Crew finally came to an end in 1994. Members moved on to bands like 454 Big Block, Righteous Jams and Bitter.

Wrecking Crew 1993 7"

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Tom Webster said...

Thanks a lot, this is so good! Must have played it a dozen times. Definitely a forgotten 90s classic, reminds me of Gut Instinct/early Merauder. Cheers!