Saturday, April 22, 2017

Sun Burns Cold - May demo

Sun Burns Cold was an emocore band from the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre area in PA. As far as I know they released 2 demos, a self-titled one in 1993 (which I don't have) and the 'May' demo in 1994, which I ripped here. Their style is very emotive and rocking in the early to mid 90s vein, similar to bands like Tomorrows Gone which I blogged about before (here and here), with very personal lyrics dealing with emotional numbness as well as the loss of (I think) the singer's mother. All in all a pretty decent demo, I would love to hear the first demo as well if anybody's got it.

Singer Christopher Sleboda went on to another emo band, Bedford, as well as become a designer for records of bands such as Dashboard Confessional. His brother and guitarist Andrew focused on his guitar playing and went to Berklee School of Music and started exploring all kinds of musical styles. As for the other 3 members, which also includes 2 brothers, beats me...

Sun Burns Cold - May demo


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