Saturday, March 11, 2017

Face Down NJ - Before My Eyes demo

Recorded in late '96 and released in '97, here's the 'Before My Eyes' demo by the NJHC band Face Down NJ, altho at the time they hadn't yet added NJ to their name. I can't recall where I picked this up, but the band managed to tour Europe in late '97. I saw them in Dilsen, Belgium with I think Trapped In Life and a bunch of other bands. So I might've picked it up there... Anyways, Face Down played heavy metallic hardcore that mixes a harder, tough edge with some Snapcase-style riffs and a mix of vocal styles. Overall, it's a really solid demo, esp 'All Is Gone' is simply awesome. After this demo the band would add NJ to their name as there was also another Face Down active in Canada and over here in Belgium there was also a Facedown. The band then did the 'Angels With Soiled Wings' 7" in 1998 and appeared on some compilations. I have no clue what happened to the band or the band members afterwards tho, so if anybody has more info, please leave a comment!

Face Down NJ - Before My Eyes demo


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