Saturday, March 26, 2016

New blood: Absolve

Absolve is a great new band from Belgium and the Netherlands. And no, they're not bringing back the H8000 sound nor are they even from the H8000 area (some people still think every metallic hardcore band from Belgium is H8000....)... Anyways, they describe their sound as somewhere between Death Threat and No Innocent Victim, I would also add Hatebreed and All Out War to the mix. They've also added a lot of more modern mosh parts, and while they wear their influences on their sleeves, they don't sound like copycats. It's simply great and solid hardcore with pissed off vocals & lyrics. So if you like your hardcore heavy, metallic and angry, this band is for you. They just had their first EP released on Belgium's Kick Out The Jams, so pick that up if you can!

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