Saturday, April 4, 2015

New blood: Lockout

Lockout is a new band from Lancaster, PA. They just released their 'The Sickness Spreads' demo. The band currently has 2 members, brothers Jonathan & Jody. They used to play in a band called Common Ground and these songs were originally written for that band, but the band ended due to other commitments. So hopefully Lockout will become a more permanent band once they find more time, and additional members. Cuz I like what I'm hearing, and I'm sure it would sound killer in a live environment. It's heavy, energetic and hard with a nice flow to the song,  this stuff will appeal to fans of bands like Strength For A Reason, Death Threat and Lifeless while not sounding like a copy of any of them. Great stuff, I hope they can stick around and become a full band.

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