Sunday, September 21, 2014

Cardboard Salvation? comp 7"

Here's another typical 90s hardcore compilation 7"... Let's see: it's packaged in a screenprinted manilla envelope, it features a mish-mash of bands playing hardcore styles ranging from emocore to grindcore, it's a benefit comp (in this case for the Memphis, TN shelters for homeless people), it's got cut & paste xeroxed inserts... Need I go on? And yes, that makes it awesome! Cardboard Salvation? was released in 1997 by Shandle Records and Genesis Twelve Records. I don't know anything about Genesis Twelve, but Shandle put out a bunch of releases in the 2nd half of the 90s. The guy behind Shandle Records also played guitar in a band called Chalkline, who also contribute a track here. Chalkline was a pretty decent emocore band, but unfortunately their track here, while decent, is pretty weak compared to their other material. The other bands on this comp are Self Infliction, Deathreat, Inept, FMD (F.M. Destruction) and Burned Up Bled Dry. Self Infliction play 90s emotive & metallic hardcore but with some weird vocals thrown in, and are the best band on here together with the rough grind/hardcore of Burned Up Bled Dry. All in all another great 90s hardcore comp.

Cardboard Salvation? comp 7"

Sunday, September 7, 2014

New blood: Incitement

Poland has traditionally always had a strong hardcore scene, with bands like Cymeon X, Sunrise, Agni Hotra, and many others. The past few years it seems stronger than ever with great new bands and labels like Indication, Hard To Breathe, Ratel Records and Last Warning Records. One such band is Incitement. This band plays awesome metalcore in the vein of Arkangel and Kickback with a dark Holy Terror edge thrown in for good measure. They released an awesome demo last year on Ratel Records out of Poland and Atonement Records out of the UK, and will release an LP later this year on Carry The Weight Records out of the UK and again Ratel Records. Judging by the pretty damn intense song that got posted a while ago here, the band has taken an even darker and more atmospheric approach to their sound. It certainly sounds like an album I need to hear. In any case, do check out this band.