Sunday, September 29, 2013

Withdrawal - Our Piece CD

Here's another record I picked up at a distro at a show back in the day because the cover somehow hit a chord with me. And it turned out to be a great, and fairly unique, record. Withdrawal was a metallic hardcore band out of DeLand, Florida which started in 1994. In late 1997 they self-released the 'Our Piece' CD. Excellent hardcore that is very a-typical and is yet another example of the large amount of great bands coming out of Florida in the 90s. I know very little about the band, they didn't seem to get the recognition or attention they deserved unfortunately. I know they did at least one demo, as well as a 7" called 'The Same Rhythm' (the title track also appeared on a compilation tape called 'Rise Up!' that my old band Disdain was also on), but I've never been able to track down a copy of either of them. If anybody has either of them, or other Withdrawal material, please leave a comment. Especially if you're looking to get rid of it, haha... Anyways, enjoy!

Withdrawal - Our Piece CD

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Mind's Eye

Here's a post made mostly for the purpose of simply documenting a band with a ton of hardcore pedigree. Cuz really, Mind's Eye's own releases don't do too much for me, haha. Mind's Eye was a short-lived band made up of Carl Porcaro of Killing Time fame and several members of Uppercut, which was formed after Uppercut broke up in/around 1990. Despite having such a NYHC background, the band sounded nothing like their previous bands, the best description would be something like post-hardcore meets rock... It doesn't do too much for me to be honest, but it's cool to see a band try something else rather than rehash stuff of their old bands, even if it's not for me.

Their 1st 7", called 'Almond Tree', was released in 1992, it was also the 1st release on Carl Porcaro's own label, Rope A Dope Records. Their 2nd, self-titled, 7" was released in 1993 and I can handle it better than the 1st 7", esp 'Shaft' is a pretty decent track. It's really the singing that kills this band for me. Both 7"s would later be added to the re-released CD version of Uppercut's 'Four Walls' 12", oddly enough with some of the titles different from the original ones ('My Douchy Friend' is called 'MDF' and 'Sea' is called 'The See' on the CD). I don't have that CD however so these rips are straight from the 7"s. I couldn't get rid of the skip at the start of 'Almond Tree', sorry about that. Also, neither of my copies comes with an insert. I have no idea if they originally came with an insert or not.

Mind's Eye - Almond Tree 7"
Mind's Eye - s/t 7"